3 – The Sunnah, in the sense of upkeep of a thing and taking care of it. It is said: “Sanna” the camels, if he took good care of them and kept them up well. The act, which the Prophet - peace be upon him – persisted upon is called Sunnah, meaning: that he - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him – perfected its care and perpetuation. (13).

4 - The Sunnah, in the sense of clarification. It is said: “Sanna” a matter, ie: clarified it; and “Sanna” Allah his provisions for the people: made them known and clear. Thus, the Sunnah of God: His provisions, His commands and prohibitions; and “Sanna-ha” Allah for people: made them known and clear, and in the Statement: (I forget or I am made to forget so that I may establish the sunna “li-asunna”) (14). ie: I get drawn to forgetfulness so that I lead people in guidance to a straight path, and clarify to them what they need to do, should they come to forget. (15)


(13) See: Lisaan-ul-‘Arab (3 / 2121) Taj Al-‘Aroos (9 / 244, 243).
(14) Narrated by Maalik in Al-Muwatta’, Kitab As-Sahw, section of the deeds in forgetfulness. No (2). Ibn ‘Abd Al-Barr said: I am not aware this Statement was narrated from the Prophet - peace be upon him – supported or isolated apart from this format, and is one of the four Statements in Al-Muwatta’, which are not found elsewhere as either supported or hurried, a its meaning is authentic in the principles.
(15) See: Lisaan-ul-‘Arab (13/225), Al-Qaamoos Al-Muhee? (4 / 238).


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