It contains six chapters:

The first chapter: Chains of transmission and texts of Hadiths

When Allah guided me to write this book, I chose the easiest and most guided way, and the first thing I did was to omit the chains of transmission as the Compilers of the Sunnah before me did (may Allah bestow mercy on them all). The purpose of mentioning the chains of transmissions was to prove the authenticity of the Hadith which was the mission of former scholars (may Allah bestow mercy on them all) who completed that matter successfully, so there is no need to mention these chains of transmission. Then I did not mention but the name of the Companion who narrated the Hadith from the Prophet (peace be upon him) if it was a narration or the name of the Follower who reported the Hadith from the Companion if it was a tradition except if one of the narrators was needed to mention so as the meaning of the Hadith would be clear.

I wrote a chapter at the end of the book includes the names of narrators in all books of the Sunnah whether they are Companions, Followers, or others, and arranged them in an alphabetical order.

Then I wrote the names at the beginning of the Hadith in the margin and mentioned his lineage, age, the time of embracing Islam, and his rank in Hadith science as much as I could. As for those whom I could not find, I mentioned their names and left them for more verification so that I can avoid errors, misspelling, and ambiguity in names.

As for the texts of the Hadith, I could only mention the Hadiths which were authentically reported from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) or the traditions of the Companions. As for the traditions of the Followers and those who came after them from jurists and scholars, I did not mention them but rarely, following the way of Al Humaydy (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul) and other scholars who collected different books. As for Razin, he mentioned in his book the Fiqh of Imam Malik (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul) which he mentioned in Al Muwatta', synopses about the chapters of Al Bukhari, and other matters which were not needed.

During my copying from Al Bukhari and Muslim, I depended on what Imam Abu `Abdullah Al Humaydy collected in his book, for he has done well in mentioning the ways of Hadith and did his best in mentioning narrations.

As for the rest of the four books, I copied them from the Hadiths which I read, listened, and collected besides other copies.

I depended most on the wordings of Al Bukhari and Muslim more than the other four imams except if the other four have an addition or explanation in their narrations, so I mentioned them. Furthermore, if Al Humaydy neglected something which I found out, I would mention it, follow up the additions in their original books, and add them to their proper positions.

As for the Hadiths which I found in the book of Razin without finding them in the original books of Hadiths, I wrote them from his book in their proper positions and left them without a mark, and left a space for the name of their narrators perhaps I could find other copies to these Hadiths then I write down the name of their narrators.

I have indicated in the beginning of this book to some Hadiths which Razin reported without finding these Hadiths in the original books, then I left a space for people to know that these Hadiths are not found in the original books of Hadiths.



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