There is in this Statement a clear scientific miracle, according to what physicians stated concerning the creation a hearing, sight and their order, especially since the Prophet, peace be upon him, had articulated with the word: «Shaqqa» at the exclusion of other terms, which indicates a fissure within the thing (1).
I have a question, which I put to the physicians, but after I define hearing and sight. I say: “Sam'” – with a diacritical “fatha” over the consonant ‘sin’ and a diacritical “sukoon” over the consonant ‘mim’- is conferred on the ear and on the sensation of the ear (2), or what is so-called by doctors (Hearing Centre).
And “Basar” – with diacritical “fathas” over the consonants ‘ba′ and sad’ equivalent to the sounds of the short vowel /a/ - is also conferred on the eye and the sensation of the eye (3), or what is so-called by doctors (Vision Centre).
And ‘hearing and vision’ in this Statement implies the eye and the ear, as evidenced by its addition to the face. The question is: Is the hearing and vision centre in the brain also brought forth as in the formation of the eye and the ear?
As to putting the term (hearing) ahead of the term (sight), it is the order found in the verses of the Holy Quran and the Prophetic Statements, and I did not find a single Statement, from the Statements which combine the terms (hearing) and (sight), which contravenes this arrangement.
I had put the previous question to Dr Yahya Nasser Khawaji–Director of Graduate Studies at the King Fahad Hospital in Medina – He said: no.
 (1) Mu’djam Maqayees Al Lughah (3/170), and Ibn Mandhoor said: " Ash-Shaqq (the Split) – with diacritical “fatha”: the infinitive of your saying: I split he log apart, which is the visible crack, and it was said: the invisible one, and was said to be the crack in general." Lisan Al ‘Arab (4/2300).
(2) Lisan Al ‘Arab (3/2095), and the order of the dictionary (2/613), and Al Mufradaat of Ar-Raaghib (p. 242), and Al Mu’djam Al Waseet (1/449).
(3) Lisan Al ‘Arab (1/290) and Al Mufradaat (p. 48), and Al Mu’djam Al Waseet (1/85).

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