The child does not come from all the liquid (semen) (1/2)


    The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: «The child does not come from all the liquid (semen) and when Allah intends to create anything, nothing can prevent it (from coming into existence).» (1). Narrated by Muslim (2).


    This hadeeth is quoted by Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bar in his book (The Creation of Man)(3) , Dr. Hamed Mohammed Hamed, in his book (Journey of Faith …) (4), Dr. Johnson in collaboration with Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zandani, and Mustafa Ahmed, in their research (the description of human embryogenesis) (5), and Dr. Mohamed Faiz al-Matt in his book (The Miracles of Islam) (6) Mohamed Kamel Abdul-Samad in his book (Scientific Miracles in Islam - Quran) (7), and Mohamed Al-Sayyid Arnaout in his book: (the scientific miracles ....) (8), and Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Sharkawi (9), all concluding that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) has expressed a truth which has not detected by medical sciences except in the twentieth century. Namely, it is one sperm that impregnates the ovum resulting into a fetus - by Allah's will -. This further elaborated by Dr. Al-Bar, who said: "This hadeeth is a complete modern miracle.  No one knew that a minute fraction of the semen is what the child is created from. And certainly, nobody perceived that in one threshold of ejaculation of semen contains between 200 and 300 million sperms and that only one fertilizes the ovum.

    Dr. Leslie Arey says in his book: (Developmental Anatomy) the 7th edition:

    "...the tests on mammals have proved that one percent of semen is enough to impregnation of the ovum. It's proven medically that 20 million of sperms are exist in one threshold of ejaculation, which is the minimum needed for fertility, although he is reporting, clinically, that there are many cases of pregnancy with less than this amount. Likewise possible is to inject a quantity of extracted sperms to the uterus directly using a process referred to as artificial insemination."

The hadeeth is explicit in that it is not all the semen (sperms) which develops the newborn, but a minute fraction. How is it possible for who lived before fourteen centuries, to know this truth that has come to be known only in the 20th century except by way of divine revelation of the All-Knowing and All-Aware".

    Then he said: "the meaning of this hadeeth is also evident in the verse of the glorious Qur'an:

<<Who made everything He has created good and He began the creation of man from clay. Then He made his offspring from semen of despised water>> Surah Sajdah 7-8.




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