Then Dr Al Baarr mentioned the Statement, and said: "It will be elucidated when we talk about the eye; how the eyelids close and the two eyelids stick to each other, then split on the seventh month and open.
All of this confirms the meaning of “brought forth his hearing and sight”, which the Statement of the Chosen one, peace and blessings be upon him, described as he was conversing with his Lord in his prostration ..."(1).
And said - when talking about the development of sight, and in particular the visual lens, after it becomes transparent: - " a capsule from the middle layer (the mesoderm) covers the lens; it is then called (the vascular lens capsule); because it is interspersed by blood vessels, which weakens in the seventh month, and this capsule is split in the middle, creating an aperture and an opening known as (Iris) or (pupil) "(2).
He said about the eyelids: "The growth of the eyelids is completed in the third month, and the two eyelids stick to each other from that time, since the foetus has no requirement for vision in that pitch black darkness, and to protect the eye, from the surrounding amniotic fluid (amnion).
In the seventh month, the eyelids rupture once again in preparation for the exit of the foetus into the world, and once again we say with the Chosen one, may the blessings of Allah be upon him, in his prostration: «My face has prostrated to the One Who created it and shaped it, and brought forth its hearing and sight"(3). End of quote.
He mentioned in his book (The Concise in Quranic Embryology) an extract of what he explained in the book (The Creation of Man ...) on the topic of hearing and sight, and then said: "The development of hearing is complete by the fourth month in the foetus, and since that early time, the foetus hears external sounds and the rumbling of his mother, while the sight is delayed in development. When a baby is born, he can see things. But his visual perception is weak and sketchy, but his audio perception is good since birth, and even before birth. That is among what explains putting the hearing forward over sight in the Holy Quran." (4). End of quote.
Thus he said, though the hearing is put forward over the sight also in the Statement which he inferred to.
From this perspective, Dr. Nagati inferred to it. He mentioned the Statement of Aisha, and then said: "The mention of the Prophet, peace be upon him, of putting the hearing forward before the sight, is consistent with embryological data, which show that the formation of hearing in the foetus precedes the formation of sight". End of quote.
(1) The Creation of Man between Medicine and the Quran, (p. 333, 340).
(2) The Creation of Man between Medicine and the Quran, (p. 338-340).
(3) Ibid.
(4) The Concise in Quranic Embryology, (p. 73).


#2 Episode 19: Bringing forth the hearing and the sight, and putting the hearing forward over the sight 2/2.Leo 25 Shawwal 1440 AH
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