Statement: «My face has prostrated to the One Who created it and shaped it, and brought forth its hearing and sight» (*).

This Statement came according to a number of Companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, including: Ali ibn Abi Taalib, Aisha, Jaabir and Mohammed ibn Salamah.

As to the Statement of Ali ibn Abi Taalib, it was narrated by Muslim (1).

While the Statement of Aisha, was narrated by Abu Dawood (2) and Ahmad (3).

The Statement of Jaabir was narrated by An-Nisa’i (4).

The Statement of Mohammed ibn Salamah was also narrated by An-Nisa’i (5).

The actual wording of the Statement is authentic; it was narrated by Muslim according to the Statement of Ali, as previously elucidated.



Dr Mohammed Ali Albaarr made inference to this Statement in his book (The Creation of Man ...) (6), that it enunciated what actually happens in the formation of hearing and sight.

Dr Mohamed Osman Nagati added in his book (The Prophetic Statement and Psychology) (7), that it is miraculous from the side of its arrangement of the hearing before the sight.

Dr Al Baarr said: " the outer hearing canal (external auditory meatus) links the auricle to the eardrum, and consists of the lining of the first half of the throat (first pharyngeal cleft), which extends in the form of a funnel (8) until it reaches the tympanic membrane. Initially, this canal is closed and solid as a result of its occupation with cells, forming what is known as the ear plug (meatal plug), which is then absorbed and pushed off in the seventh month".

(*) The Creation of Man between Medicine and the Quran, (p. 333, 340).

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(2) Sunan Abu Dawood – The Book of Prayers – the chapter pertaining to what he says when he prostrates (2/126, 127 Statement 1414).

(3) Al-Musnad (6/217).

(4) Sunan An-Nisa’i – The Book of Application – the chapter pertaining to supplications in prostration - (68) another type - (2/221 Statement 1127).

(5) Sunan An-Nisa’i (2/222 Statement 1128).

(6) The Creation of Man between Medicine and the Quran, (p. 333, 340).

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(8) “Qim′” – with a diacritical “fatha” the consonant ‘qaf’ and with diacritical “kasra” over it–and “Qima′” as “′Inab” –: what is placed through the mouth of the pot, such as pouring fat and else in it. Al Qaamoos (3/691/ substance: Qam′).






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