All praise belongs to the Sustainer of the Universe. We ask Allah to send peace and blessings upon the truthful Prophet, who said: "The best amongst you are those who are best to their wives, and I am the best amongst you to my wives." May He also do so upon his family, all of his companions and those that came after them, as well as those who follow them in excellence until the day of resurrection.


In what is to follow:


Truly, topics about women are often used by the enemies of Islam both in the East and West. Their objective is to turn away members of this Nation from the path of life, which their religion illustrated for them. They try to spark misconceptions and doubts in peoples’ hearts and minds. Instead, they intentionally or not, degrade women and rid them of their rights. So, many feminist movements appeared in the Islamic world, raising the motto: "Free the woman and save her from her bitter reality." Thus, they speak about the head-scarf in one instance and polygamy in another. Other times, it's by demanding exact equality between men and women. They will suggest this at workplaces, ministries and even rulers. These demands are all made up, without giving any consideration to her physical and physiological nature.


Then, many personalities came out in the Muslim world supporting the feminist ideology and calling towards it. They tried to follow the footsteps of the western woman by raising these mottos. Yet, they forgot or ignored the completely different situations between what women in the west had to go through and the rights and privileges women in the Islamic world already had. Women in the west went through many stages; this was influenced by the ruling of the Church, its abandonment, and then under so-called democracy. In all of these situations, women never experienced contentment or relaxation and stability. They never received their human, monetary or social rights. Indeed, in our times, they don't even enjoy psychological contentment, as seen through the hardships and sorrows they endure during daily life, between work and home, the streets, and through the media.


The situation of Muslim women has always been completely different. They are born of an Islamic environment. Under the shade of this religion, Muslim women lived honorably from the very beginning. The religion gave them a special place, inside and outside the house. Muslim women also had their rights fully recognized. For these reasons, all attempts of personalities and movements of feminism will always result in failure and disgrace. That's because their objectives and programs were not built upon reality, as it had been nurtured by the west, both in ideas and finances, and continues to do so up till now.


Therefore, this research is for the purpose of making clear the reality of the situation of women in the Islamic world and their high status, which the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) gave women. No doubt, they did receive special treatment from him. This is seen both through his actions and many hadeeths he addressed to his companions and his nation after them.



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