And here it is worthy to highlight some landmarks specific to women throughout the exemplary Conduct of the Messenger’s (peace be and blessings upon him) call to Islam from the very beginning.

Where it becomes apparent, the kind of important role women had in the call to Islam. Also, the role she played was of great importance, in that she held this responsibility towards this blessed call to Islam from the very beginning. Here are some landmarks:

1- The first person to whom the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, went in order to express his fear when the revelation first came to him was a woman. She was none other than Khadeejah (may Allah be pleased with her) as narrated by Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) who said: The commencement of the Divine Inspiration to Allah's Apostle was in the form of good dreams, which came true like the bright daylight, and then the love of seclusion was bestowed upon him. He used to go in seclusion in the cave of Hira, where he used to worship (Allah alone) continuously for many days before his desire to see his family. He used to take with him food for the journey, stay and then come back to (his wife) Khadeejah to take his provisions, and so forth, till suddenly the Truth descended upon him while he was in the cave of Hira. The angel came to him and asked him to read. The Prophet replied, "I do not know how to read”.  The Prophet added: "The angel caught me (forcefully) and pressed me so hard that I could not bear it anymore. He then released me and again asked me to read, and I replied: ‘I do not know how to read.’ Thereupon he caught me again, and pressed me a second time till I could not bear it any more. He then released me and again asked me to read, but again I replied: 'I do not know how to read (or what shall I read)?' Thereupon he caught me for the third time and pressed me, and then released me and said, 'Read in the name of your Lord, who has created (all that exists) has created man from a clot. Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous." [Surah Al-‘Alaq, 1-3] Then, Allah's Apostle returned with the Inspiration and with his heart shaking severely. Then he went to Khadeejah bint Khuwailid and said, "Cover me! Cover me!" She covered him till his fear was over.

She (may Allah be pleased with her) stood by his side truthfully and with sincerity from the very beginning. While the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) felt scared and worried for himself. She made her famous statement: "On the contrary, this is good news. For I swear by Allah, Allah would never humiliate you. You keep good relations with your kith and kin, help the poor and the destitute, serve your guests generously and assist the deserving calamity-afflicted ones."

She also shared with her husband the obstacles that came in the way of this call to Islam. In doing so, she became an example for others to take lead in her sacrifice and endurance. This is in spite of the fact that she owned much wealth and was of noble lineage. The last thing she had to suffer was the embargo, which the Quraish placed on the Messenger of Allah and his companions. It was during this time that she passed away (may Allah be pleased with her).

As for her final abode, the Messenger (peace be upon him) informed about her at the conquest of Makkah, saying: "Give glad tidings to Khadeejah of a palace in paradise made of hollow straws of pearl, wherein she will have no disturbances or fatigue."


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