(23) It was narrated on the authority of Qataadah ibn Al-Nu‘maan ibn Zayd, may Allaah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: "Allah, The Almighty, sent down Jibreel (i.e. Gabriel), may Allah exalt his mention, to me in his best shape that he used to come to me and said, O Muhammad, As-Salaam (i.e. Allah, The Almighty) send His Salam (greeting of Assalamu Alaykum) to you and says, I have revealed to the worldly life to be bitter, full of hardships, narrow and difficult for my devoted worshipers until they love meeting me and be easy, full of happiness, spacious and be adorned for my enemies until they hate meeting me for I have made it a prison to My devoted worshipers and heaven for My enemies."

The Verification of the Hadeeth: Its Isnaad (i.e. chain of transmission) is weak.

It was reported by At-Tabaraani in his book Al-Kabeer (11) from the route of Waleed ibn Hamaad Ar-Ramli from ‘Abdullaah ibn Al-Fadhl ibn ‘Aasim from ‘Umar ibn Qataadah ibn An-Nu‘maan ibn Zayd Al-Ansaari from Abul Fadhl from his father ‘Aasim from his father ‘Umar from his father Qataadah ibn Al-Nu‘maan ibn Zayd.

It was also reported from the route of Al-Waleed ibn Hammad Ar-Ramli by Al-Bayhaqi in Shu‘ab Al-Imaan (9461), Ibn ‘Asaakir in Ta‘reekh Dimashq (63/122) and Al-Bayhaqi said: "We did not wrote it except with such Isnaad which includes many unknown people."  Al-Haythami said: "It was reported by At-Tabaraani and its Isnaad includes some people whom I do not know."

I said: "As for the unknown individuals that Al-Bayhaqi and Al-Haythami stated, they are Al-Waleed ibn Hammaad Ar-Ramli, Sheykh At-Tabaraani, ‘Abdullaah ibn Al-Fadhl and his father. Refer to Al-Jaami‘ Al-Kabeer (357), Majma‘ Az-Zawaa'id (10/289), Al-La'aal' Al-Masnoo‘ah, (2/271), Tathkirat Al-Mawdoo‘aat (1/175), Faydh Al-Qadeer (3/69), Da‘eef Al-Jaami‘ (1340) and As-Silsilah Adh-Dha‘eefah (809)."

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