Statement of the participants in the seminar (translation year and the Prophet's biography: Actually, development, obstacles)

Held in the period from 23-25 / 2/1429 AH in Riyadh


  Participants have continued at a symposium (translation year and the Prophet's biography: Actually, development, obstacles), held in the period 23-25 / 2/1429 e Riyadh organized by the Saudi Society for the year and sciences, the participants continued all very unfortunately repeated publication in the Danish media and other of cartoons of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, which is contrary to the shrine of prophecy, and challenging mission and call, and bear lying and hatred and slander, and they had to declare severe denial-as is the case for all Muslims, to do these messages redeployment of graphics, which express the underrated shrine of prophecy, and anti-senders, and the demolition of the values and principles, and the attack on the covenants and conventions, contrary to divine law, and international treaties, and contrary to the lowest human rights.


And they are demanding with this denial of the international community in all governments, organizations, and institutions, and in particular, the Danish government and organizations to stand strongly against these means, the implementation of the treaties, and respect for the charters, and wary of the implications of the effects of these graphics.


They also Aalinnouna to the whole world that these drawings, and this mockery, the fullest and noblest of creation, and the seal of the prophets and messengers and their master upon them God and prayers, not the believers than only adherent to their faith, and the support of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and maintain his year, and following the legitimized, and walk exactitude and the truth of God, he says: (they Akidun Kedah (15) and certainly Kedah (16) Vmhl unbelievers giving them slowly), and the graphics will not harm the prophet of guidance and mercy of God and prayers be upon him nothing, and will not trigger in religion, it came with guidance, mercy, justice and charity, Kamalat and ethics and its beauty, was as Allah said, would: (but as a mercy to the worlds).




Participants siren all Muslims governments, institutions and individuals in support of the Prophet, peace be upon him, according to the legitimacy of assets, and the work of the nation's predecessor, the in the adage heal every disease, and a solution for every problem, and tranquility to the heart of every believer, with unnecessary Justice, and edgewise oppression, injustice and aggression, and to beware of extremism in the person of God be upon him and forbade him blessings and peace with Al-Bukhari narrated that 'Umar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him that peace be upon him, said: "I do not Ttroni as Christians extolled the son of Mary, but I say, Abdullah Abdullah and His Messenger."


At the same time we call on all sane, fair and impartial to the right to read the biography of the Prophet peace be upon him, to knows for sure that the sender of God, certified prophets and messengers of God peace be upon them, farewell to all the best, Hafez human creation, farewell to the virtues and ideals which it will never corrects him in that no matter how long and united philosophies, what brought him peace be upon him home from a wise expert.



Perhaps in this statement, a reminder of the unthinking, ignorant and educated to back the right to redress and to know the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his place and virtues.


Praise be to Allah, and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

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