15- Vaginal douche:

 Vaginal douche is the antiseptic or remedial solutions which women take through the vagina. Scholar have differed regarding whether it invalidates the fast or not; the most correct view is: it does not affect the fast because this vaginal douche is neither food nor drink, nor it is included in the things that invalidate the fast, therefore the International Islamic Fiqh Academy reached a decision that it does not affect the fast.

Likewise, vaginal suppositories, vaginal speculum, and vaginal examination tools, all these do not affect the fast because they are not included in the things that invalidate the fast nor they take the same ruling.

16- Enema:

They are the injection inserted in the anus for treatment and washing the intestines by pumping water and some medications, as known. Doctors decided that the anus is connected to the so-called rectal, then to the colon or large intestine. When the injection is given in this area, large intestine absorbs water, salts, sugar. Accordingly, when a patient is given that enema which contains liquids, nutritious solutions, and some medications, they reach the point of absorption. Therefore, the view which states that they invalidate the fast is the most correct.

17- Anal Suppositories:

Anal suppositories are things that are inserted in the anus of a patient and they look like ointments. They are used to treat some diseases such as hemorrhoids and reduce the heat. Such suppositories are controversial among scholars, however the most correct view is: they do not affect the fast because they are not like enema; nutritious substances in these suppositories are much more. In addition, the body absorbs these substances through the large intestine causing the body to benefit from these suppositories exactly as food and drink. Unlike the anal suppositories, although they are absorbed by the body, they do not reach the absorption centers often, so they do not take the rule of food or drink.

18- Anal speculum:

If anal speculum reaches the points of absorption (i.e., the large intestine up to the stomach), pumps some liquids, solutions, gels, or fatty substance, it shall take the ruling of food and drink, and invalidates the fast. In case no solutions are added to anal speculum and it does not reach the centers of absorption, it does not affect the fast.

19- Anything that enters through the urethra:

They are things look like the medical scopes that are used to insert some solutions to wash the bladder or to insert some medications into the body. Sometimes, doctors insert some substances that help in X-ray diagnosis. These substances, whether for men or women, are controversial among scholars. Modern medicine has proved that urine tracts are not access to the stomach, to the large or small intestine, to the centers of absorption, nor to the digestive system. Therefore, the most correct view is: they do not affect the fast according to the decision of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy.


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