2- Pills that are placed under the tongue:

They are pills that are placed under the tongue to treat some heart attacks. They are dissolved directly in the mouth and the blood carries them to the heart, causing the heart attack to cease at once.

The decision of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, mentioned previously, decreed that these pills do not affect the fast; because their entry to the body is through the channels that are found under the tongue, then through blood, so nothing of it reaches the stomach. The basic rule is the validity of the fast and certainty cannot be removed by doubt. Moreover, these pills are not food, drink, nor they do not have the nutritious effect of food and drink. They do not reach the stomach and the body does not gain power nor activity of them as it does with food and drink, but on condition that a person should not swallow the resulting substance and he should spit it.

3- Gargling or applying topical mouth sprayer:

These things take the same previous ruling where nothing of them invalidate the fast on condition that a person should avoid swallowing any of the resulting material.

4- Gastroscope: There are two cases for using gastroscope:

First, a healer places gel or fatty material on that scope in order to facilitate the insertion process, or a doctor pumps the salt solution through it to complete the photography process. In this case, the one who observes the fast breaks the fast because these materials are absorbed by the body and the body benefits from, as it has entered from a usual access.

Second, a healer inserts that scope without placing any material on or through. Contemporary scholars have differed regarding whether it invalidates the fast or not in terms of the thing that invalidates the fast; is it food, drink, or causes nutrition, or everything that enters the body takes the same ruling of food and drink? There are two well-known views: the majority of scholars hold the opinion of a Muslim breaks his fast upon swallowing anything, even if it is not eaten so long as it reaches the stomach. However, some of the Malikis and the chosen view of Shaykh Al Islam said that the inserted thing should be eaten or drinkable because it is decomposed and benefits the body. The International Islamic Fiqh Academy chose the second view as well as Shaykh Ibn `Uthaymeen (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul).


5- Nose drops:

Scholars have differed regarding breaking the fast by nose drops: The majority of scholars adopted the view that nose drops invalidate the fast and stated the Hadith of Laqit ibn Saburah (may Allah be pleased with him) as a proof: “over-exaggerate in sniffing unless you are fasting” and because nose drops go to the throat, then to the stomach and invalidate the fast; this view was chosen by Shaykh Ibn `Uthaymeen (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul).






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