Episode 7: Permissible Acts

There are a number of acts that do not harm or affect the fast whatsoever. These are called permissible acts. Below are some examples.

(a) It is permissible to wear perfume while fasting. But women are not allowed to do so if they intend to go out in public. In fact, that act is neither permissible during Ramadan nor at other times.

(b) There is no harm in brushing one’s teeth with a siwak or a brush. It is best, however, to avoid toothpaste while fasting because if you swallow any of it, even inadvertently, you will have broken your fast.

(c) Absentminded eating or drinking does not break the fast; in fact the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) described it as “a provision which God has brought upon you.”

(d) It is also permissible to kiss your spouse, if you can control yourself and not allow this to lead you to further, prohibited acts.




#1 Episode 7: Permissible ActsKory 5 Dhul-Hijjah. 1436 AH
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