All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds (Who created me, and He [it is who] guides me. And it is He who feeds me and gives me drink. And when I am ill, it is He who cures me. And who will cause me to die and then bring me to life, And who I aspire that He will forgive me my sin on the Day of Recompense.") (And, [O Muhammad], say, "My Lord, forgive and have mercy, and You are the best of the merciful).

Peace and blessing of Allah be upon our master, the Messenger of Allah whose greatest miracle was the Noble Quran, whose leader was the Noble Quran, whose conduct was based and in conformity with the Noble Quran. The life of his heart, the light of his breast, and the departure for his sorrow and a release for his anxiety was the Noble Quran.

Peace and blessing of my Lord be upon him whenever the rememberers mention him and whenever the negligent neglect mentioning him. May Allah be please with his companions, wives, and followers who honor, support, and followed the light that was sent down to him. Really, those are the party of Allah. Unquestionably, the party of Allah - they are the successful.

1- The importance of the Noble Quran:

Our Lord has honored us i.e. Muslims by the best book; rather, he honored us with the best Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, sent. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {We have certainly sent down to you a Book in which is your mention. Then will you not reason?} [Quran 21: 10]

This is the Book about which there is no doubt. It is the wise reminder, the crystal clear light and the strong rope of Allãh, and the right path. By following it, humans cannot be led astray in any way. It is easy for tongues to read it. With it no disagreement can occur. Scholars will never have enough of it, nor will righteous people get bored of it, nor will it become old the more it is read, nor will its miracles never end. Furthermore, truthful will be the one who reports anything from it. Just will be the one who passes judgment depending on it. Rewarded will be the one who acts according to it. Guided to the right path will be the one who invites (people) to it. Its examples are great lessons for the one who contemplates them. Its commands are guidance for those who understand them. In it, Allah, The Almighty, has explained the obligations of rulings, differentiated between the lawful and unlawful, repeated in it admonishing and stories for those who understand them. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {… We have not neglected in the Register a thing…} [Quran 6: 38]

2- The Noble Quran is the spirit of the Ummah (i.e. Islamic community): In fact, Quran is the spirit of the Islamic nation. It can get no life or honor or dignity except with it. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means) addressing his beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him: {And thus We have revealed to you an inspiration of Our command. You did not know what is the Book or [what is] faith, but We have made it a light by which We guide whom We will of Our servants. And indeed, [O Muhammad], you guide to a straight path.} [Quran 42: 52]

The Noble Quran is a spirit that gives life, stimulate and develop it in the hearts and in the witnessed practical reality. The nation without Quran is an inactive nation that has no life, or weight or value.

3- The Noble Quran is guidance:

The Noble Quran is the Book of guidance, language of life, the story of the truthful universe from its beginning to its end. Rather, it is a renewal to the birth of humans throughout different times, successive generations, and passing ages and years. It was sent down to address the human soul and guide it. It orders and prohibits it. It guides and admonishes it. It brings glad tidings and warner to it. It guards and defends it. It helps it to show patience and amuses it. It teaches and advises it. It speaks and sits with it. It is its friend and close relationship. It is the life in its noblest meaning and happiness in its peak.

A poet once said:

It is like the moon in its full light, from wherever you turn to it you see it. It grants your eyes a great light.

It is like the sun at the middle of the sky, its light covers the whole world in the east and west.

Allah, The Almighty, has made it guidance to humans as a whole. It guides them to the best end and way. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {Indeed, this Quran guides to that which is most suitable…} [Quran 17: 9]

4- The Noble Quran is a light:

The Noble Quran is a light from Allah, The Almighty, to his worshippers besides the light of Fitrah and mind (light beside light). Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {.. There has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book. By which Allah guides those who pursue His pleasure to the ways of peace and brings them out from darknesses into the light, by His permission, and guides them to a straight path.} [Quran 5: 15-16]

It has described itself in many verses that it is light as it was stated in the saying of Allah, The Almighty:

•   {O mankind, there has come to you a conclusive proof from your Lord, and We have sent down to you a clear light.} [Quran 4: 174]

•   {So believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Light (Quran) which We have sent down…} [Quran 64: 8]

Amongst the characteristics of the light is that it points out itself and explains others. It reveals the obscure, explains facts, refutes allegations, repel claims, and guides the confused if they do not know the right way well or do not have evidence. Really, Allah, The Almighty, increases those who were guided, in guidance.

If the Noble Quran is described as being 'light' and the light, the Tawraah (Torah) is described with another word (has guidance and light) as in the saying of Allah, The Almighty: {Indeed, We sent down the Torah, in which was guidance and light...} [Quran 5: 44] 

Also, the Injeel (i.e. Gospel) was described in the same way. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means) about ‘Isa (Jesus), may Allah exalt his mention: {and We gave him the Gospel, in which was guidance and light… } [Quran 5: 46]

Such distinguishing between the two words refers to the difference between the Quran and other divine books, the thing that expressed by Al-Busayri in his poem (Al-Laamiyyah) saying:

Allahu Akbar, the religion of Muhammad and his book are more powerful and more suitable for words.

Do not compare the previous divine books with it, it is like when the sun rises the lights must be put off.

That is because the Noble Quran came to confirm that which preceded it of the Scripture i.e. in the basic principles of their belief and morals before their alteration. It is also a criterion over them i.e. correcting them from the change introduced to them from the whims and deviations of humans. In this regard, Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it…} [Quran 5: 48]

5- The whole world is in dire need to the Noble Quran:

Actually, the whole world is in dire need to the light of the Noble Quran to protect the honor of humans who became, in our present time, the cheapest matter. The whole world needs the Noble Quran so that the truth and justice may be the basis of human conduct.

What a dire need the Muslims are in the Noble Quran during our present time! That is because they would not be able to confront the different issues of their age and time except with the Noble Quran, seeking its protection in their relationships, establishing its rulings in their life, fighting their enemies with it, reforming their worldly life with it, and welcoming their hereafter with it. The Decree of Allah, The Almighty, regarding his creation entailed that following the Noble Quran will be the reason of their salvation. In this regard, Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {[Allah] said, "Descend from Paradise - all, [your descendants] being enemies to one another. And if there should come to you guidance from Me - then whoever follows My guidance will neither go astray [in the world] nor suffer [in the Hereafter]. And whoever turns away from My remembrance - indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind."} [Quran 20: 123-124].


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