As long as the Noble Quran is the rope of Allah, The Almighty, that is stretched between the heaven and the earth; one end is in the Hand of Allah, The Almighty, and the other end is in our hands, then our dear believers of monotheism, you have to hold fast to it, especially because Allah, The Almighty, has commanded us to do so. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided…} [Quran 3: 103], meaning cling firmly to it and fortify yourself with it.

Rope of Allah, The Almighty, refers to His religion, Covenant, or Book. That is because adhering to such things lead one to salvation and success.

The noble verse means: We all should adhere firmly to the Book, Religion and Covenants of Allah, The Almighty, and do not become divided as they were in the pre-Islamic era, killing each others. Rather, we have to gather together on obeying Allah, The Almighty, and to be like the single structure joined firmly, parts of which support other parts. In this way, we will win, be happy and achieve victory upon our enemies.

Such noble verse implies a rhetoric language, where Allah, The Almighty, likened the state achieved from the adherence of the believers to the Religion, Book and Covenant of Allah, The Almighty, and unity of their word to the state achieved from the adherence of a group to a rope that is strong and secure from cutting and thrown to them save them from drowning, falling or the like.

Annexing the rope to Allah, The Almighty, is a proof on this simile.

Such noble sentence commands all Muslims to hold fast to the Covenant, Religion, Book of Allah, The Almighty, and to be like one body, when part of it is in pain, the whole body joins it in staying awake and having a fever, and to put aside all divisions and differences that lead to their weakness and failure.

Imam Al-Fakhr Ar-Raazi, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said in his Tafseer, commenting on this verse: "One should know that anyone walks on a thin road and fears his leg to slip and if he holds fast to a rope whose two ends are stretched between this road, he will fear nothing. There is absolutely no doubt that the road of truth is a fine road and there are many people whose legs slipped from it. Thus, whoever adheres firmly to the proofs and signs of Allah, The Almighty, he will feel secure from such fear. Then, what is meant by the rope here is all things that can lead one to truth on the road of truth. It also refers to other many things. Some scholars said that it refers to the Covenant of Allah, The Almighty. Some others said it refers to the Noble Quran because it was stated in the Hadeeth "It is the strong rope of Allah, The Almighty." A third group said that it refers to the obedience of Allah, The Almighty. All of such opinions are close in meaning to each others. The meaning is as what we have stated that the one who descends down to the well holds fast to a rope in order not to fall in it, and the Book, Covenant, Religion, Obedience of Allah, The Almighty, and agreement with the community of Muslims is a protection to one from falling in the Hellfire, then Allah, The Almighty,  made this a rope and commanded us to hold fast to it." (1).

The author of Al-Mir‘aah said: "Allah, The Almighty, likened the Noble Quran to the rope because acting upon the Noble Quran is a cause of getting sciences and knowledge which is the means for the eternal life in much the same way as the rope is a means of reaching water which is the cause of the worldly life.

Or because adhering to the Noble Quran is a cause of salvation against destruction and safety of falling in the lowest levels of the Hellfire in much the same way as the rope is a cause of safety from falling in the well when needing water." (2).



(1) Tafseer Al-Fakhr Ar-Raazi (8/173) and At-Tafseer Al-Waseet 2/199 and 200.

(2) Mir‘aat Al-Mafateeh (1/9).


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