Commentary of Ash-Shawkaani and Minaawi, may Allaah be pleased with them, on the Hadeeth:

Imam Ash-Shawkaani, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said: "In this Hadeeth, there is a proof that the one who is busy with Quran i.e. reciting and contemplating it thoughtfully, Allah, The Almighty, will grant him the best and greatest reward.

As for the saying of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him: "The superiority of the speech of Allah compared to all other speech is like the superiority of Allah over His creation” this sentence may be for explaining the reason behind giving the one who is busy with Quran the greater than what Allah, The Almighty, gives to those who ask. To explain more, as long as keeping one's self busy with the speech of the Lord, The Most Exalted, which is superior to all other speeches, the reward of the one keeps himself busy with it will be superior to all other rewards." (1).

Al-Imam Al-Minaawi, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said in explaining the meaning of: "The superiority of the speech of Allah compared to all other speech is like the superiority of Allah over His creation", that is because rhetoric eloquence will be as sublime as the sublimity of the Illustrator, words are as great as the greatness speaker, the superiority of the rhetoric eloquence of Allah, The Almighty, compared to the eloquence of His creation according to the highness of the creation.

Explaining any matter is done according to one's knowledge about this matter. If one explains something, he does so according to the amount of knowledge he realizes regarding it while he does not have comprehensive knowledge regarding it and thus he does not reach the maximum of the rhetoric language in explaining it. If one tells about the past, then this occurs according to the remaining amount of his knowledge because of the forgetfulness that is permanent nature in human beings. If one intends to tell about the upcoming events, he will not be able to do so except according to his limited knowledge (that has nothing at all to say about the future). His description of the current events are defective, of the past ones is more defective while his speaking about the future is impossible. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {But man desires to continue in sin.} [Quran 75: 5]

Speech of Allah, The Almighty, regarding the present events is very deep and significant to the extent that His Knowledge comprehends. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {Say, "The knowledge is only with Allah, and I am only a clear warner."} [Quran 67: 26]  

And about the decisive past, He, The Exalted, tells according to His comprehensive knowledge of this matter away from the slightest amount of forgetfulness. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {…My Lord neither errs nor forgets."} [Quran 20: 52]

And about the future, He, The Exalted, tells about the real truth that will inevitably occur. Allah, The Almighty, Says (what means): {Then We will surely relate [their deeds] to them with knowledge, and We were not [at all] absent.} [Quran 7: 7]

The explanation of the truthful commentator never attributes any amount of defectiveness to his explanation; however, humans accuse themselves in their explanation and fear of attributing defectiveness to it and thus undermine the understanding of their explanation. The matter is really different in the Nobel Quran because its explanation is greater many times of its eloquence (2).   




(1)  Tuhfat Ath-Thaakireen, p. 392.

(2) Irshaad Al-Baseer Ila Tarteeb Faydh Al-Qadeer (6/3870).



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