It was narrated on the authority of Abu Hurairah, may Allaah be pleased with him, that the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, said: “No one spoke in the cradle but three (persons): ‘Eesa (Jesus) son of Maryam (Mary), the second one was the companion of Jurayj; the pious worshipper. Jurayj took a secluded hermitage for worship and confined himself in it. His mother came to him as he was busy in prayer, and she called, 'O Jurayj!' He said, 'O My Lord, my mother (is calling me) and (I am offering) my prayer (what shall I do)?.' He continued with the prayer. She returned and came the following day and he was (still) busy in prayer. She called, 'O Jurayj!' He said, 'My Lord, my mother (is calling me) and (I am offering) my prayer (what shall I do)?', and he continued with the prayer, and she returned. Then the next day she came again while he was busy in prayer, and called, 'O Jurayj!' He said, 'My Lord, my mother (is calling me) and (I am offering) my prayer (what shall I do)?' and he continued with the prayer. She said, 'O Allaah! Do not let him die until he sees the faces of prostitutes.'

The story of Jurayj and that of his meditation and prayer spread among the children of Israel. There was a prostitute who was beauty personified. She said (to the people), "If you like, I can lure him into evil." She presented herself to him but he paid no heed (to her). She came to a shepherd who lived near the hermitage and she offered herself to him. He (the shepherd) had sexual intercourse with her and she became pregnant. When she gave birth to a baby she said, 'This baby is from Jurayj.'

So they came and asked Jurayj to leave and they demolished the hermitage and began to beat him. He asked them what was the matter. They said, 'You committed fornication with this prostitute and she gave birth to a baby from you.' He said, 'Where is the baby?' They brought him (the baby) and then he said, 'Just leave me so that I should perform prayer.' He performed prayer and when he finished, he struck the baby’s stomach with his finger, and asked him, 'O boy, who is your father?' The baby answered, 'He is the shepherd.

So, the people turned towards Jurayj, kissed him and touched him (seeking blessings), and said, 'We are ready to construct your hermitage with gold.' He said, 'No, just rebuild it with mud as it was,' and so they did.

The Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, continued:

"Then, there was a baby whose mother was suckling him when a person dressed in a fine garment came riding on a priceless animal. His mother said, 'O Allaah, make my child like this one.' He (the baby) left his mother’s breast, looked at the rider and said, 'O Allaah, Do not make me like him.' He then returned to the breast and resumed sucking.'' He (i.e. Abu Hurairah) said, 'It is as though I can see the Messenger of Allaah, peace and blessing be upon him, illustrating the scene of his sucking milk with his forefinger in his mouth and sucking that.

The Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, continued:

 "It so happened that a slave girl passed by them who was being beaten and the people behind her were saying, 'You committed fornication and theft.' She was saying, 'Sufficient for me is Allaah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs', and his mother said, 'O Allaah, Do not make my child like her.' He left the breast, looked at her, and said, 'O Allaah! make me like her.'

This was followed by a conversation between the mother and child. She said, 'A good-looking man happened to pass by, and I said: O Allaah, make my child like him, and you said: O Allaah, do not make me like him, and there passed a girl and the people were beating her, and saying: You committed fornication and theft, and I said: O Allaah, do not make my child like her, and you said: O Allaah, make me like her.'

The infant said, 'That man was a tyrant, and I said: O Allaah, do not make me like him; and they were saying about the girl: 'You committed fornication', whereas in fact, she had not committed that and they were saying: 'You have committed theft, whereas she had not committed theft', so I said: O Allaah, make me like her". (1).

Amongst the lessons drawn from the above-mentioned Hadeeth:

1- The Hadeeth shows the importance of observing dutifulness to one's parents, confirms the rights of the mother and that her Du‘aa' (i.e. supplications) is surely answered.

2- If one has many different matters, one should start with the most important of them.

3- Resorting in difficult situations should be to Allaah The Almighty alone away from anyone else.

4- Allaah The Almighty mostly makes way outs for His Awliyaa' at the times of hardships. Allaah The Almighty Says (what means): {And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way out.} [Quran 65: 2] Sometimes, He The Exalted may afflict them with some hardships to increase their rewards and refine their characters and thus it will imply all good for them as what happened to the woman. 

5- Recommendation of performing ablution and prayer at the times of hardships and difficulties.

6- This Hadeeth also indicates that ablution was known in the religion of the previous nations. It was proved in this Hadeeth, i.e. the narration reported by Al-Bukhaari, may Allaah have mercy upon him, that He (i.e. Jurayj) performed Ablution and prayer.

7- This Hadeeth proves the Karaamaat (i.e. supernatural abilities or events) of the Awliyaa'(2). It is the belief of Ahl As-Sunnah(3) unlike Al-Mu‘tazilah(4).

8- It points out that Karaamaat can be supernatural in all different ways while some scholars rejected this idea and said that it only related to answering Du‘aa' (i.e. supplication) and the like. This is really wrong and a denial for the witnessed fact. The correct opinion is that it may occur even in a wider scope than that. (5).

9- This Hadeeth also indicates that humans by nature prefer their children to themselves with all goodness for the woman asked goodness to her child and be guarded against evil while she asked nothing for herself. (6).




(1)         Agreed upon i.e. reported in Saheeh Al-Bukhaari No. (3436) and Saheeh Muslim No. (2550).

(2)         Awliyaa' of Allaah [i.e. those who believe in the Oneness of Allaah and fear Allaah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden), and love Allaah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)]. (Translator)

(3)         It refers to Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaa‘ah: Muslims who hold fast to the way of Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessing be upon him, his companions, and those who followed their path in beliefs, speech, and actions. They also avoid innovation in matters of the religion. They represent the "Saved Group" depicted by the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him. (Translator)   

(4)         A sect founded by Waasil Ibn ‘Ttaa’. Its followers believe that man has free-will and that the Noble Quran is created and not the direct speech of Allaah. (Translator)   

(5)         Sharh Saheeh Muslim (12/18).

(6)         Fat-h Al-Baari (6/484).



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