Narrating part of the Hadith is banned according to most scholars who banned reporting the Hadith by meaning.

As for those who permitted reporting the Hadith by meaning, they permitted reporting part of the Hadith if a narrator once reported it in full form and the mentioned part is not connected with the abandoned part in a way that affects the meaning. However, if both parts are connected such as the condition or the pillar of an act or worship or the missed part completes the mentioned part, reporting part of it distorts and alters the meaning. If the Hadith was reported once in full form and once in short without changing the meaning, it is permissible to report it on condition that a narrator is not accused of any defect that prevent the acceptance of the narration.

It is strange that some scholars banned that after they had seen the books, writings, and Hadiths of grand scholars were full of parts of Hadiths; each in its proper position, and how come they deny that while the purpose is to use these Hadiths in setting proofs to the Shari`ah rulings?!

So, when the part of the Hadith which contains the proof is mentioned, the purpose is achieved but it remains to keep to the wordings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and reporting them exactly as they were mentioned.

Priority is a degree beyong permissibility and the meaning of banning is protecting the wordings of Hadiths.


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