It contains seven branches:

The first branch is: The qualities and conditions of Hadith narrators. A narrator should have certain attributes and conditions, and their narrations cannot be accepted without which, they are four: Islam, reaching puberty age, accuracy in narration, and trustworthiness.

These descriptions are the conditions of testimony as they are the conditions of reporting a narration.

However, testimony has other descriptions such as freedom which is a condition in testimony but not in transmitting a narration, and likewise the number of witnesses because the narration of a single narrator is rarely accepted. However, some scholars disagreed with that and conditioned the number of narrators and accepted only the narration of two narrators, and each one of them should deliver the narration to two narrators which is not correct because with the passage of time, the numbers of narrators will be multiplied and it will become difficult to prove a single Hadith, especially in our time.

This condition was stipulated by Al Bukhari and Muslim in their books of authentic Hadiths as Al Hakim An-Naysabury (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul) mentioned even if they did not make it a condition as it will be explained later in this chapter.   Some people said: Narrations should be attested by four narrators due to the great status of Hadiths, but the first view is the origin.


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