When Hadiths were arranged in chapters, sections, and letters, I followed them and I found Hadiths that are misplaced even if this place is more proper than other places. The seeker of these Hadiths may miss their places because of their different meanings and the disagreement about the places of these Hadiths. All these will add difficulty to the knowledge seekers, so I collected these Hadiths that are misplaced or confusing to knowledge seekers and deducted from them words and meanings by which they are known, then I wrote a chapter at the end of the book to collect all these meanings arranged in alphabetical order at the margin of the book and beside them their positions in the book.

So, if you are searching for a Hadith and you do not know its position for some reasons such as forgetfulness or ignorance of its place, surely you will know some of its famous words or meanings, so you may resort to that chapter and seek the word or the meaning in alphabetical order, and when you find the word or the meaning, you will find its positions in the book.

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