I leafed through these original books [Al Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Al Muwatta’, and An-Nasa’y] and saw their good arrangement then I saw the book of Razin which was the biggest and the most general where it collected the six books of Hadith and the most famous among people, and from which scholars took Hadiths, deducted rulings, set proofs to rulings, and established the pillars of Islam.

Their compilers have been the most famous scholars of Hadith, the most memorizing, and most knowledgeable of right and wrong. Later on, we shall write a chapter about their virtues and their efforts in classification.

Then I loved to write this book, which collects all these authentic books, and show interest in even through reading and copying the book of Razin. However, when I studied it, I found that Razin listed some Hadiths in other than their proper chapters, repeated many Hadith, and left others.

So, I combined between his book and the main Hadiths in the six books which he mentioned in his book, but he did not mention many Hadiths of which either for abbreviation or for a purpose. Moreover, I found in his book some Hadiths that were not mentioned in the six books [the copies which I read, listened to, and reported from] and that was due to the difference of copies and ways of Hadiths, and I found out that he arranged his book according to the arrangement of Al Bukhari, but he mentioned some and omitted some.

So, I wanted to retouch his book, arrange its chapters, clarify his purpose, facilitate his goal, add the Hadiths he missed, and explain the odd words, syntax, and meanings. However, I found myself unable to do it by my own, but I still have the incentive, the high vigor, and desire until I started —by the will of Allah— to write the book. I started by collecting these six books which Razin (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul) listed in his book and I chose a special arrangement to it according to my Ijtihad and knowledge.

I have consulted the people of knowledge, people who are virtuous and smart, people of deep-insight, people of correct opinions, people whom I do not doubt their religion, integrity, truthfulness, and sincere advice, and reviewed all these information before them, and everyone I consulted strengthened my will and supported my work. Then I asked Allah for good choice and asked Him to make it sincere for His Sake, accept it and help me to fulfill it and facilitate it, for He is the one who shall reward people for their intentions.

This has been done despite worldly obstacles, necessary incidents, innerself desires, and short time which if I had sacrificed all my time and effort for it, it would not have been enough. Although the incentive was religious and the purpose is seeking the Hereafter, I would not have power to finish it, my vigor would be low, and the will would become weak, but the incentive was strong and the attraction was noble and high.

I ask everyone who leafed through it and found an error or a mistake to fix it seeking the reward from Allah because cultivated books are few and the complete work of which is dear or nonexistent, and I admit my negligence to reach that high status.

In the meantime, this book is like a sea which its waves abundant or a land which its ways are rough, minds cannot collect its sundries, memory cannot memorize its Hadiths for they are multiple, diversified, and different in narrations. I have exerted much efforts to collect and arrange the book, seeking the help of Allah in writing, cultivating, facilitating, and clarifying it.

I named it: Jami`-ul-Bayan Fi Ahadith Ar-Rasul Salla Allahu `Alayhi wa Sallam.



#1 Episode 5: The fourth chapter: The purpose of writing this bookChas 15 Safar 1438 AH
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