1 - The Qur'aan is the Speech (kalaam) of Allaah, in both wording and meaning. It was sent down and is uncreated (ghayr makhlooq). From Allaah it originated and to Him shall it return. It is an inimitable miracle, indicative of the truthfulness of what the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam was sent with. Its text and meanings are preserved from corruption until the Day of judgement.

2 - Allaah the Most High Speaks whatever He wills, when He wills and how He wills. The Speech of Allaah is real (haqeeqah), with letter (harf) and voice (sawt), but we do not know about the modality and how it is (kayfiyyah), nor do we debate about it or delve into it.

3 - The view that the Speech of Allaah is only the meaning of what Allaah spoke to himself, or that the Qur'aan is a narrative (hikaayah), or an expression ('ibaarah), or a metaphor (majaaz) of Allaah's Speech, or that it is an effluent outpouring (faydh) - or other views similar to these - are all misguidance and deviation and could sometimes amount to disbelief (kufr).

4 - Whoever denies anything of the Qur'aan, or claims that parts of it have been deleted, added, or corrupted, is an unbeliever.

5 - It is obligatory to explain the Qur'aan in accordance with the well-known methodology of the Salaf. It is not permissible to explain the Qur'aan by mere opinion, since this amounts to speaking about Allaah without due knowledge.

Explaining the Qur'aan using esoteric interpretations (ta`weelaatul-baatiniyyah) and its like is actually a form of kufr.

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