Episode 4: Our Creed (3/6)

    • We believe that He is with His creatures while He is still on His throne. He knows their conditions, hears their sayings, sees their deeds, and manages their affairs. He provides for the poor and the broken.
He gives sovereignty to whom He pleases and takes away sovereignty from whom He pleases; He exalts whom He wills and He abases whom He wills.
    In His hand is all good and He is powerful over everything. Whoever possesses these qualities is literally with His creatures even if He is literally above them on His throne. "There is nothing whatsoever like unto Him; He is the All-hearing, the All-seeing" (42: 11).
    • We do not say, as do the Incarnationists among the Jahomites* and others, that Allah is living with His creatures on Earth. We consider whoever says this a non-believer or one who has strayed, for he attributed to Allah that which does not become Him of defects.
    • We believe in what His Messenger told us, that He descends to the near sky before the last third of every night and says: "Who prays to Me and I will answer his prayers? Who asks Me and I will give him? Who asks My forgiveness and I will forgive him?" (Bukhari and Muslim).
    • We believe that He will come on the Day of Judgment to judge among His people because He said: "No indeed! When the Earth is crushed to powder, and your Lord comes down with the angels in rows after rows, and Hell is brought out that day. On that day man will remember, but what will remembrance avail him?" (89:21-23).
    * The Jahomites, known in Arabic as al-Jahmiyyah, were members of a sect named after Jahm bin Safwan (executed 128 AH). He was one of the first Muslims to deny the attrributes of Allah and to say that Allah is everywhere.

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