That which was narrated by Imam Ahmad, as authenticated by Al-Albani, may Allah have mercy on him, according to the Abdur-Rahman bin Abzaa, may Allah be pleased with him, who said: “When it was morning, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would say: ‘We rise upon the innate disposition to Islam, the word of pure faith, the religion of our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and the doctrine of our forefather Ibrahim, who was a Muslim and of true faith, and he joined not gods with Allah.’

How wonderful it is for a Muslim to begin the day with these words! They constitute a renewal of faith, through the declaration of monotheism and confirmation of one’s submission to the religion of Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him), while following the doctrine of Ibrahim the Friend (of Allah), peace be upon him, the true tolerant faith, yet still declared his innocence from all forms of polytheism, minor and major.

They are words of faith and monotheism, sincerity and devotion, humility and submission, following and commitment, worthy of he who observes them regularly to ponder upon their great indications and deep meanings.

His statement: "We rise upon the innate disposition to Islam", i.e: Allah bestowed upon us His favors by allowing us to reach morning, while still on the innate disposition to Islam, holding fast to it, observing it, not changing or exchanging it.

His saying: “the innate disposition to Islam”, i.e: the religion of Islam, according to which Allah made mankind. So, one is on the natural course when turning one's heart towards this goal, and following the outer and inner aspects of religious legislation, as Allah says: “So set your face steadily and truly to the Faith: (establish) Allah's handiwork according to the innate disposition on which He has made mankind: no change (let there be) in the work (wrought) by Allah: that is the standard Religion: but most among mankind understand not”.

Ibn Kathir, may Allah have mercy on him, said concerning the meaning of the verse: `so set your face and persevere in the religion, which Allah has prescribed for you, the worship of Allah alone, the religion of Ibrahim, to which Allah has guided you and which He has perfected for you with the utmost perfection. In this manner, you will also adhere to the sound innate disposition, with which He created His creation.' Allah created His creation to recognize Him and know His Unitarianism, and that there is no god except Him."[end of quote].

This is the principlethe existence of a natural inclination towards monotheism for everybody. Whoever left it, does so because of exterior reasons which contaminate one's innate disposition as is in the Statement of ‘Ayadh Al-Mujashi’i, may Allah be pleased with him, according to the Prophet, peace be upon him, in what he related from his Lord, that He said: ‘I created my servants true of faith (i.e., monotheists), then the devils misled them from their religion. He made them prohibit what was permissible, and permit what was prohibited. So, they obeyed him in ascribing partners to Me’. [narrated by Muslim in his Sahih].

And in the two Sahihs, from the Statement of Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, he said: the messenger of, peace be upon him, said: ‘no child is born except according to an innate disposition, then his parents make him a Jew, a Christian or a Zoroastrian’.

No doubt that Allah's bounties upon His servants are tremendous. Through His mercy, dawn comes while they are still upon the sound innate disposition, pure and free from any contamination, change or deviation.


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