Let us start talking about the meaning of the previous Hadith:

As for the Prophet's saying: "At the sight of the new moon," the crescent is the beginning of the new moon for one, two, or three nights, thereafter it is called moon.

As for the Prophet's saying: "Allahumma ahillahu `Alayna," make it start and show us goodness of it.

As for the Prophet's saying: "Bil-amni wal-iman," "Amni" is security, tranquility, calmness, and safety of diseases. In the Hadith of Talhah "Bil-Yumn" which is happiness. And "Iman" is admitting, believing, and submission to Allah.

As for the Prophet's saying: "Was-salamati wal-islam," "Salamati" is safety from plagues and diseases, whereas "Islam" is submission to Allah and following His Shari`ah.

As for his saying: "Rabbi war-Rabbuka Allah," it proves that the people, the moon, and all creatures are owned by Allah and subjugated to His Command. This is a good answer to those who have worshipped them other than Allah. "Prostrate yourselves not to the sun nor to the moon, but prostrate yourselves to Allâh Who created them, if you (really) worship Him." [Surat Fussilat: 37].

The Hadith contains many benefits of which are the following:

Of the benefits of the Hadith is that there is a difference between faith and Islam and a proof that they are not one thing when they are mentioned together, but each one of them has its own meaning. Faith means inner beliefs, whereas Islam means the apparent actions, but when speaking about one of them, it means the other.

Of the benefits of the Hadith is that security is connected by faith and safety is connected by Islam. So, faith is the way of security and Islam is the way of safety; and whoever seeks security and safety without faith and Islam shall be of the straying people. Allah (may He be Exalted) says: "It is those who believe (in the Oneness of Allâh and worship none but Him Alone) and confuse not their belief with Zulm (wrong i.e. by worshipping others besides Allâh), for them (only) there is security and they are the guided." [Surat Al An`am: 82].

Of the benefits of the Hadith is that it contains a good point which is: The most important thing is to fill all months and times with having faith in Allah, His Acts of worship, and submission to Him in all His Ordinances and Commands.

The passage of months along with occupying oneself with other actions without thinking about this objective shall lead to the loss of months and deprivation of goodness because months are not created but for having faith and good actions. This shall be crystal-clear on the Day of Recompense when all people stand before Allah for reckoning and see their actions and their missed times.

Ibn Al Qayyim (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul) said: "A year is like a tree: Months are its branches, days are its boughs, hours are its leaves, and breathes are its fruits. So, whoever spends his breathes in obedience his tree shall be fruitful, but whoever spends them in disobedience shall find a barren tree, and the time of harvest shall be on the Day of Recompense; then you shall figure out the good from the bad fruits." [Al Fawa'id P. 292].

We ask Allah to fix our times and fill them with security, faith, safety, Islam, and spending them in things that Allah loves, for we have no other lord but He.



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