Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Is there any man among you who approaches his wife, closes the door, covers himself with a curtain, and he is concealed with the curtain of Allah? They replied: Yes. He said: Later he sits and says: I did so-and-so; I did so-and-so. The people kept silence. He then turned to the women and said (to them): Is there any woman among you who narrates it? They kept silence. Then a girl fell on one of her knees. The narrator, Mu'ammil, said in his version: A buxom girl. She raised her head before the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) so that he could see her and listen to her. She said: O Messenger of Allah, they (the men) describe the secrets (of intercourse) and they (the women) also describe the secrets (of intercourse) to the people. He said: Do you know what the similitude is? He said: The likeness of this act is the likeness of a female Satan who meets a male Satan on the roadside; he fulfills his desire with her while the people are looking at them. Beware! The perfume of men is that whose smell becomes visible and its color does not appear. Beware! The perfume of women is that whose color becomes visible and whose smell is not obvious. Abu Dawud said: From here I remembered this tradition from Mu'ammil and Musa: Beware! No man should lie with another man, no woman should lie with another woman except with one's child or father. He also mentioned a third which I have forgotten. (1)
Lessons gained from the Hadith:
1- The Hadith indicates the prohibition of disclosing the secrets of matrimony and any details about the sexual intercourse because the person who does so is like a male Satan who meets a female Satan then they have sexual intercourse while people are looking. This is the most powerful proof to the prohibition of disclosing the secrets of matrimony and sexual intercourse such as foreplay and its details. (2)
2- Islam is keen to bring about the reasons of chastity and purification, and exhort to safeguard the tongue against immoral and bad words.
3- When the Prophet (peace be upon him) prohibited anything that may arouse instincts such as words, he was keen to draw the attention to the good odors which also do the same. So, he explained the description men and women's odor in order to put off the causes of evil and sedition.
(1) Sunan Abu Dawud No. (2174) and Al Jami` As-Saghir and its addition, 1/ 1300, No. (12993) and Al Albany graded it as authentic. See: Sahih Al Jami` No. (7037).
(2) `Awn Al Ma`bud Sharh Sunan Abu Dawud, 6 / 158.

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