First: Al-Fitrah, and Adh-Dhamir (instinct and conscience).

Al-Fitrah and Adh-Dhamir (instinct and conscience) in Arabic language:

1 – The Arabic word Al-Fitrah (instinct) was derived from Fatara that originally means to split or cleave. In the same meaning, the word has been used in the word of Allah the Almighty who said: (When the sky (Infatarat) breaks apart). (1), this verse includes the word (Infatarat), which is a past tense that means to split. In Arabic when it is said: “Fatara llahu Al-Khalq” it means Allah has created the creation and originated them.

Furthermore, the word Al-Fitrah, denotes to begin or invent something. Allah (Glory be to Him) says: “All praise is due to Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth.” (2) Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “I did not know what does “Fatir As-Samawat Wal-Ardh” (The Originator of the heavens and the earth) mean? Until two Bedouins came to me who were quarreling on a well, one of them said: “Ana Fatartu Ha” I began digging it first.

The Arabic word Al-Fitrah (instinct) also refers to the instinctive recognition of Allah (3) upon which the creation has been created. Or Al-Fitrah means the natural disposition and instinct that guides to accept a religion, in such a way that if a person is left with it, it continues on its natural way and does not incline to anything else. It can only be diverted from its designed direction if there is something that can deviate from it such as imitating or following the tradition of others. (4)

Ibn Faris says: “Fatara and every Arabic word composed of Alphabet; Fa, Ta and Ra, denotes to open something and bring out its contents. Moreover, Fitr is used for breaking the fast. The Arabs used to say: “Fatartu Ash-Shat” (I milked the goat). Also the word Al-Fitrah denotes the instinctive disposition. (5)

In short, Al-Fitrah refers to the natural disposition that can recognize the truth and can accept it, or it is the natural inclination to the religion upon which every person has been created by Allah, that is Islam. These two meanings are the abstract of all meanings mentioned by the linguists in the explanation of Al-Fitrah. (6)

2 – Adh-Dhamir(the conscience) was derived from the Arabic Alphabet, Adh-Dhad, Al-Mim and Ar-Ra’ that denotes leanness, weakness and  concealing something. Furthermore, Adh-Dhamir  means the heart including whatever is hidden in someone’s mind. Adh-Dhama’ir is the plural form of Adh-Dhamir. (7)

Ibn Faris also has mentioned in detail the meaning of the word with its examples similar to our explanation. He said in this context: “When you say: “Adhmartu Fi Dhamiri Shai’an” (I have concealed in my mind something.”, because you covers it in your heart. (8) 




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