Birth Control's extent of usefulness (4-4)

    Dr. Mahmoud Saeed Jan mentions the story of a woman that had gone through multiple operations for sterilizations. However, she still went through a normal pregnancy, he said: «The signs of the wisdom of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him on this subject: is that 'azl is not very helpful in preventing pregnancy. More importantly, the very rare cases existing where pregnancy still continues despite, sterilization by connecting the fallopian tubes, expansion and scraping off the uterus in confirmation of what al-Tirmidhi reports (and he mentioned the hadeeth) then said:
"We'll explain our experience by way of this unexplainable case":

    Mrs. A.C. 28-year-old woman, a mother of three children, went through surgical sterilization, in August 15, 1978 on the 21st day of her menstrual cycle. Also conducted was a pregnancy test in August 14, 1978 which proved negative.
    At the time of sterilization, she underwent the process of expanding and falling (in the womb); to ensure the absence of the uterine contents, and examination a week after the operation to check that conditions were normal,. After analysis of the sample taken from the lining of the uterus, indications showed that it was in the late phase of the menstrual endocrine, and there were parts of the fallopian tubes. After two months, she came complaining of menopause, and was worried. The examination found she was pregnant, and the size of the uterus suggested the pregnancy was nine weeks old. This was ascertained by ultrasound examination, expecting that the process of scrapings did not eliminate any possible pregnancy, but rather removes the uterine membrane, which could be stabilized by the fertilized egg. In spite of all this, she had a normal pregnancy and in the April 21, 1979 a natural child birth and healthy baby was born at the weight of (3260 grams). Four months after birth, we wanted to verify about the result of the sterilization process through conduction a Bone scan of the uterus and found that both fallopian tubes had been closed completely." End of quote.


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