The Hadith “Verily, Mecca is the most adored city to Allah." (*) This Hadith was narrated from `Abdullah ibn `Adi ibn Hamra’, Abu Hurayrah and Ibn `Abbas.

1 – The Hadith of `Abdullah ibn `Adi was reported by At-Tirmidhi (1),

Ibn Majah (2) and Ahmad (3) on the authority of Abu Salamah ibn `Abdur- Rahman ibn `Awf from `Abdullah ibn `Adi ibn Hamra’ Az-Zuhri that he heard the Messenger of Allah (may  the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) addressing Mecca when he was standing at Al Hazurah (4)and said: “By Allah! You are the best of Allah's land and the most beloved land to Allah. If I was not driven out of you, I was never to leave you.”

At-Tirmidhy said: "This Hadith is good, Gharib(5) (Unfamiliar) authentic.” (Gharib is a Hadith that was transmitted by only one narrator).


2 - As for the Hadith of Abu Hurayrah was reported by Ahmad (6) and An-Nasa’i in his book Al Kubra(7), from M`amar, from Az-Zuhri on the authority of Abu Salama ibn Ar-Rahman.


3 – On the other hand, the Hadith of Ibn `Abbas was reported by At-Tirmidhy (8), Ibn Hibban (9) from Sa`id ibn Jubayr and Abu At-Tufayl together on the authority of Ibn `Abbas who said that the Messenger of Allah (may  the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) addressed Mecca and said: “What a pure and beloved city you are to me!  If my people have not compelled me to leave you I never lived anywhere else except you.”

At-Tirmidhy said: "This Hadith is good, authentic but unfamiliar from this chain.” (10)


Muhammad Kamil `Abdus- Samad has referred to this Hadith  in his book (Scientific Miracles in Islam –The dignified As-Sunnah) (11) and he supported through this Hadith the opinion of Mecca is the center of the whole dry land. He said - after quoting this Hadith -: "The latest scientific discovery that remained in the minds of scientists and was announced in January 1977 proves that Mecca is the center of the world's terrestrial land. This latest discovery took many years of scientific research to be discovered and needed a set of complex mathematical tables. And computer technology was used for this purpose.

Then Muhammad Kamil `Abdus- Samad added that the Egyptian scientist, Dr. Husayn Kamal Ad-Din relates the story of his amazing discovery as he started his research while his aim was completely different from this discovery. In fact his intention was to invent an instrument to enable Muslims all over the world to determine the direction of Mecca or Qiblah from any point on Earth.(Qiblah the Arabic word for the direction Muslims turn to when they pray). Because he felt during his various trips to abroad that identification of the direction of Dignified K`abah is a problem faces every Muslim comes to a place that has no mosque  or who lives in Western countries as happens with Lakhs of delegate students. After he has designed the basic lines of his preparatory research for the invention of this map and draw the five continents, suddenly he was surprised by the discovery when he found that the location of Mecca is the center of the world. Then he held a compass (12) in his hand and put one arm of the compass on Mecca, and rotated the other arm around the outskirts of all continents, and then he found that terrestrial land on the surface of the Earth was distributed around Mecca equally and Mecca represents the center of the dry land on earth. Moreover, he prepared a map of the ancient world that demonstrated the earth before the discovery of America and Australia, once again he discovered that Mecca was the center of the dry land, even in the case of the old world when Islamic Da`awah (mission) was started.” Then he highlighted his method in his search, and how computer technology was used for this purpose until he became sure that he was able to draw a circle (13), making Mecca in center of this circle and its circumferences out of the six continents passing by the external borders of the continents (14). Then he commented on this discovery saying: “Dignified Mecca -by Decree of Allah- is the heart of the earth which is some of what was expressed by science in the discovery of scientists that has asserted that the radiation center of the magnetic gravitation coincides with the strange phenomena experienced by everyone who visits Mecca for performing Hajj or `Umrah with sincere heart as a pilgrimage feels an intuitive attraction to whatever exists in Mecca, its land, mountains and its corner. Rather, he feels a desire to get melted in and merged with its entity by his heart and body. This is a continuous feeling which exists since the creation of Earth.

Then he quoted the book (Mecca and Gravitation Point of the Earth) (15): “The earth like other planets and stars exchanges gravitation power with other planets and stars that stems from their bodies and the gravitation power concentrates in a specific point on earth that releases what we may call a radiation. This inner meeting point was discovered by an American scientist of topography. (16) He confirmed its existence and determined its location from a geographical point of view. It is noteworthy that he was never motivated by any kind of religious motive.  In his laboratory, he made great efforts which made him work day and night. He worked and examined the map of the earth by the help of various tools and instruments. Then he unintentionally came to discover that the center of meeting of the cosmic radiation is Mecca. Then he said: “This unveils the wisdom behind the Dignified Hadith of the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) which agrees with the reality expressed by the Glorious Qur’an: “And thus We have revealed to you (O Muhammad may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) a Qur’ân in Arabic that you may warn the Mother of the Towns (Makkah) and all around it.” (Ash-Shura: 7) Therefore, we can realize the wisdom behind choosing Mecca as a place for K`abah and making it the center from which the Islamic message spread to all over the world. Thus, it unearths the scientific miracle in the Dignified Hadith that showed the merits of Mecca on other parts of the world."End of quote.


I cannot find a clear relationship between the Hadith and the concluded point rather, the miracle is in the selection of Mecca for Muslims as Qiblah from anywhere in the world, and making it among the ritual and dignified places visited by Muslims from every corner of the world.

The map drawn by Dr. Husayn Kamal Ad-Din dignified Mecca in the spatial projection shows Mecca in the center of the world.




(*) Scientific Miracles in Islam – The Prophetic Sunnah – P. (205)

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(4) Al Hazurah is the small mound. See. Lisan Al `Arab, (2/855). However, here it denotes a place in Mecca at the door of Al Hannatin, Imam Sha’afa`i says in this regard: "People pronounce Al Hazzurah and Al Huddaybiyyah by mistake, nevertheless, it is Al Hazurah (with single Z) and Al Hudaybiyyah (with single D). Al Majmu`a Al Mughith (1/444), and An-Nihayah Fi Gharib Al Hadith(1/380). In fact, Al Hazurah was a market in Mecca afterwards it has been included in the Grand Mosque during its expansion. Mo`ajam Al Buldan(2/255).

(5) Thus is in the edition of Ahmad Shaker and who followed him, and in the text of Tuhfat Al Ahwadhy (10/427), while Tuhfat Al Ashra’f dose not contain the word (Gharib))Unfamiliar) . 

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(10) Thus is in Tuhfat Al Ashra’f (4/421), and Tuhfat Al Ahwadhy (10/428), but the edition of Ahmad Shaker dose not contain the word ‘Sahih’ (authentic).

(11) The Scientific Miracles in Islam – As-Sunnah - (p. 205-207).

(12) Al Birjal is an instrument used for drawing circles, measuring distances, etc., that consists of two arms, joined at one end, one arm of which serves as a pivot or stationary reference point, while the other is extended or describes a circle in, Al Birjal is also called Al Birkar and Al Firjar. Al Mo`ajam Al Wasit(1/47) (Alphabetic order of B.R.J.L.).

(13) See the attached image.

(14) This research was published in the Journal of the Islamic Research with its maps, second edition (p. 731-776). Also it was published in the Tunisian-Libyan magazine of science and faith, Issue No. twentieth 1977 - as was mentioned by the author and others.

(15) By Muhammad Al Buhi, as was mentioned by the writer.

(16) Topography: The description of the general features of the earth's surface, whether natural or artificial. Al Mo`ajam Al Wasit, (2/551).


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