Dr. Zaghloul Al Najjar in his lecture (Scientific Miracles in the Qur'an) inferred to this Hadith (7) and said: “The reality with which I am and most of the astronomers are satisfied is that these seven earths are all in this earth as science has proven already that our earth has seven distinct layers. The scientists have confirmed this fact through their deep studies over the decades during this century concluding that the earth has a core of solid material and an external core of liquid followed by four covers and then the outer shell that makes it seven layers. The Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever usurps even a span of land unjustly his neck will be encircled with it down the seven earths.” Then Dr. Zaghloul Al Najjar added saying: "This could not be ascribed to another earth except this one where we live. Why would be the encircling with another earth? It is logical to be of this earth ... especially when the scientists have proved that the earth has seven layers enveloping one another."End of quote.  

On the other hand, Dr. `Abdullah `Abur-Rahim Al `Ibadi mentioned this Hadith in his book (Modern Science is An Argument ...) (8) and held it as an evidence for the findings of geologists who are of the opinion that the earth consists of seven layers. In addition to that, he inferred to this Hadith in order to support the opinion that asserts that the layers are contiguous to each other not separated by any separator.   

Likewise, Mahmud Qasim has referred to this Hadith in his book (Islam and Scientific Facts) (1) and described the layers of the earth as follows:  

1 – Atmospheric Layer   

2 - Hydrospheric Layer  

3 – Sialic Layer (The earth's crust). 

4 – Layer of Sima (composed of light and heavy silicates).

5 – Layer of Iron Sima (composed of oxides and sulfur).   

6 – The layer NiFe (composed of liquid of both iron and nickel). 

7 - The central nucleus.

The fictitious layers are:

(1) Atmospheric Layer            

(2) Hydrospheric Layer  

(3) Sialic Layer      

(4) Layer of Sima  

(5) Layer of Iron Sima

(6) The layer NiFe (composed of iron and nickel)       

(7) The central nucleus.

In another reference (2) These layers include: (1) the dense inner core composed largely of solid Fe and subordinate Ni, with radius of about 1200 km, (2) the molten outer core composed largely of liquid Fe, with subordinate sulfur, with a radius of about 2250 km, (3) the mantle, composed of relatively dense rocky materials, with radius of about 2800 km thick, and (4) the crust which comprises the thin relatively light outer skin of the earth, is divisible into two types: the oceanic crust (~7 km thick) and the continental crust (about 35 km thick). Whereas oceanic crust is composed of basaltic rock, the less dense continental crust is composed of a great variety of rock types having an overall average composition akin to granite.


In fact, the atmospheric layer was counted among the layers of the earth by mistake especially when we talk about the composition of the earth. Hence atmospheric layer could not be included in the earth’s layers as it contradicts the meaning of Hadith. Even we do not accept the opinion that includes Hydrospheric Layer in the layers of earth then how can we accept the opinion that counts the layer of atmosphere in the earthly layers. It is worth mentioning that the preparer of educational material on earth Science (Geology) for the second grade of secondary (Science) where absolutely right when they included the Atmospheric layer and Hydrospheric layer in the covers of the earth and not among its layers. On the other hand, they said about the layers of the earth: "Scientists of the present time agree that the earth is composed of three basic consecutive layers which begins from the surface going to the inside as follows: Crust, core and the nucleus." (3).

Any way, the six earths are under our earthly crust; and that is the evident meaning of the Hadith. And whoever thinks well in the words and different versions of this Hadith realizes this idea on its true nature. In fact, this idea represents the collective opinion of Ahl Al Hadith and followers of the Dignified Sunnah. Sheikh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah says in this regard: "Allah has created seven earths one over the another as was proven in many authentic Hadith narrated from the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) who said: “Whoever takes even a span of land unjustly his neck would be encircled with it down the seven earths on the Day of Resurrection."   Sheikh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah added: “Abu Bakr Al Anbari has proved general agreement of Muslim scholars on this issue. he intended the agreement of Ahl Al Hadith and Sunnah."(4). End of quote.




(1) The Arabic word “Yahfiruhu”(He would dig it) was changed into “Yahdhuruhu” (He would be presented there).

(2) Al A’ha’d wal-Mathany (6/215 Hadith No. 3447).

(3) Al Mo`ajam Al Kabir (24/190 Hadith No. 479).

(4) Al Mustadrak (4/41).




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