Episode (5) : Birth Control's extent of usefulness (3-4)

    Used as evidence by Dr. Mohammed Ali Albar qoutes in his book "The creation of Man" regarding hadeeth (a) "in Episode 3" and Dr. Abdullah Abdul-Rahim Al-abbadee in his book (modern science speaks ) in his book "Modern Science is a proof..." regarding hadeeth (b) and (c)(3) "in Episode 3", and Dr. Saeed Mahmoud Jan al-Awadi in his research (physical aspects of coitus interruptus...)(4) hadeeth (d) "in Episode 3", all agreeing that they are consistent with the discoveries of modern science about the possibility of contraception, despite use of various contraceptives.
    Dr. Al-bar says about hadeeth (a), that: "it's a complete miracle, only somebody who studied the methods of contraception and their percentage of success. From the traditional contraceptive methods known are such as azl (coitus interruptus by retracting the penis). Examples of more modern methods of contraception are oral contraceptives: the IUD, which go into the uterus and mechanical barriers for women and men, ointments, vaginal suppositories, (and finally: The process of sterilization to cut off channels of the uterus, and connecting them, so that sperm can not reach the ovary." He referred to this in detail to another location.
    Then he said: "But we refer here to the modern miracle of the hadeeth of the Prophet - peace be upon him -, that all contraceptives can not prevent the creation of a child Allah willed to created" he then quoted the hadeeth (c), and said: "The book "Pregnancy Planning" states that 'azl has been a popular way since ancient times .... Both authors also say: The failure rate of this method is twenty-two percent.
    We now know that every means of contraception has a percentage of failure, despite these preventive measures pregnancy happens if Allah decrees. In fact, I received one of the patients who told me that they had conducted an operation on her to cut the fallopian tube and linking them which leads to sterilization in London. Then soon only after a few months she was pregnant. It's also reported in books and medical journals that the rate of failure of this process to be 55 % if the process is through the vagina, but it is down to just one percent, if the operation is performed by opening the abdomen and by a skilled surgeon.

    Many researchers recorded the failure rate to be up to 3.7% with skilled surgeons. In fact some even recorded a pregnancy after a hysterectomy.
Based upon this, the noble Hadith is a complete miracle in acknowledging this scientific truth"(5). End of quote.


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