5 - `Abdullah ibn `Amr narrated that the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "When sperm stays in a woman's uterus for forty nights then an angel comes to it and takes it out (1) goes to the Most Merciful Almighty and asks: Would it be created, O the Best of creators? Then Allah determines whatever He wills, and it is given back to the angel then the angel asks:" O Lord, miscarriage or complete? Then He explains for him ". (2)

It was reported by Ibn Wahab (3) and Al Lalka’i(4) on the authority of ibn Lahi`ah from the way of Ka`b ibn `Alqamah from `Isa ibn Hilal as Mawquf. (Hadith Mawquf is the own statement of a Companion of the Prophet who did not ascribe it to the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him).

The complete text of Hadith is: "Then the angel asks: Short term or full term? Then He (Allah) explains for him. He asks: O Lord, single or twin? Then He explains. The angel asks: O Lord, male or female? Then He explains. Afterwards, he asks: Fortunate or unfortunate? Then He explains. The angel asks: O Lord, assign his sustenance. Then He assigns its sustenance along with its creation. After that the angel brings them all down. By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, it (the baby) never gets from the world except what has been assigned for it and when it eats its sustenance, it dies."

Al Lalka’i mentioned this Hadith among the narrations of the companions in the context of the consensus of the companions about the Ayahs of Fate. However the soundest opinion is that the Hadith is Marfu` as was explained by our sheikh Dr. `Abdul-`Aziz Al Othaimin in his commentary on the 'Book of Fate' by ibn Wahab. He said: "The truth is that it is Marfu` because this Hadith could not be obtained by mere opinion.” End of quote.   

Anyway the narration is weak with this chain of narration because of Ibn Lahi`ah, who used to mix narrations after his books were burnt. (5)  

Furthermore, it seems that Al Hafiz Ibn Hajar has traced another chain of transmission for this Hadith that goes directly to the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) as he has attributed it in his book Fathul-Bary directly to the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) referring to Al Kabir by At-Tabrani and has graded it as good. (6)

6 – The exegesis about narration of Abu Dharr is coming soon (7).



(1) - The original meaning of Khalj and Ikhtilaj is to snatch or seize some thing hastily and to move and disturb. See An-Nihayah Vol. 2, P. 59/60 and Mo`jam Al Wasit. Vol. 1, P. 248.

(2)-The Creation of Man between Medicine and Qur'an. p. (406)

(3)- Al Qadr (The predestination) P. 163, 164, Hadith No.45.

(4)- The Explanation of the Principles of Sunni Faith. Vol.4/ P.674, 675.

(5) –Taqrib At-Tahdhib (319).

(6) –See Fathul-Bary 1/418, Commentary on Hadith No. (318).

(7) Section Fifteenth.




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