In previous episode I pointed out to some follow-ups (Mutab`at) to the Hadith of `A’ishah “Choose for your sperms” and mentioned them with their words, in addition to that I have discovered five “Witnesses” for this narration:
One of them is: The Marfu’ Hadith
(that is traced back to the Prophet himself) of `Umar “Choose for your sperms , and choose best of wives, [and marry women of wide hips as they are more fertile(giving births to babies].” (1) Narrated by Ibn `Adi (2), Abu Nu`aym (3), both of them by the way of Yahya ibn Saleh Al Wuhazi on the authority of Sulayman ibn `Ata’ from Muslim ibn Abu `Abdullah from his uncle Abu Mushajji`ah from `Umar.
Moreover, Ibn Al Jawzi(4) narrated it by the way of Ibn `Adi and weakened it due to Sulayman ibn `Ata’ as he says about him: "He narrates fabricated narrations on the authority of Maslamah ibn `Abdullah Al Juhani."
And Ibn Hibban said: "Sulayman ibn `Ata’ is a narrator that narrates fabricated narrations on the authority of Maslamah ibn `Abdullah Al Juhani from his uncle Abu Mushajji`ah ibn Rib`i." (5) End of quote.
Sulayman ibn `Ata’ is Al Qurashi Abu `Umar Al Jazari. Al Hafiz Ibn Hajar said about him: “He is Munkar Al Hadith.”(Literally Munkar means “denounced”, according to Ibn Hajar, if a narration which goes against another authentic Hadith is reported by a weak narrator, it is known as Munkar). And this is the conclusion of Al Bukhari and Abu Zar`ah about him (6), and he said about Sulayman’s teacher Maslamah: (accepted). (7)
He has no follow-up and he is loose in narration.
Ash-Shawkani has mentioned him in Al Fawa’id Al Majmu`ah. (8)
Second: The Marfu’ Hadith of Anas “Choose (appropriate wombs) for your sperms and keep distance with this black, for it is an undesirable color.” Narrated by Abu Nu`aym (9) on the authority of Ahmad ibn Ishaq from Ahmad ibn `Amr ibn Al Dhahhak, from `Abdul-`Azim ibn Ibrahim As-Salimi, from `Abdul-Malik ibn Yahya, from Sufyan ibn `Oyeynah, from Ziyad ibn Sa`ad from Az-Zuhri, from Anas.
Abu Nu`aym said: “This narration is Gharib (a Hadith that was transmitted by only one narrator) narrated by Ziyad and Az-Zuhri, we have not written this Hadith but only from this chain."
Ibn Al Jawzi (10) has narrated it by the way of Abu Nu`aym and said: "It contains unknown narrators." Perhaps he (Ibn Al Jawzi) intends `Abdul-Malik ibn Yahya, I have also searched for the biography of `Abdul-Malik but could not spot and the same happened about `Abdul-`Azim ibn Ibrahim As-Salmi as I could not cite his biography except by Ibn Hibban in his book Ath-Thiqat where he concluded saying: “He narrates Gharib Hadith.” (11)
Furthermore, Al Hafiz Ibn Hajar has merely quoted the words of Ibn Hibban in his book Lisan Al Mizan but did not add his comment to that. (12)
Ahmad ibn `Amr ibn Al Dahhak is the son of Abu `A’sim.
Though I could not find biography of master of Abu Nu`aym.
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