Dr.Muhammad Ali Al-Barr has inferred to both Hadith in his book (The Creation of Man)(1) and Dr. Mamun Shaqfa in his book (The Resolute Place of Resting) (2) and Dr. Ahmad Hamed in his book (Journey of Faith in the Human Body) (3) both of them have inferred to the first Hadith only.
The point of reasoning: The above mentioned Hadith has elucidated that miscarriage happens very early before the stage of embryogenesis and this is what modern medical science has revealed concluding that the spontaneous miscarriage occurs even prior to embryogenesis.
Dr. Al-Barr cites that the medical research (Medicine Digest Magazine) in publication of January 1981 shows that: Spontaneous abortion is78 percent of the total cases of pregnancy as a whole, and nearly fifty percent of pregnancies is aborted, even before mother realizes that she has conceived, because the uterus expels the egg simply after fertilization or merely after implantation. In some cases the egg is expelled even before implanting. And due to the fact that implantation occurs after fertilization by one week only the uterus expels out this clot simply after clinging in the womb. And if it coincides with the date of menses woman can not realize that she had conceived. Sometimes the menstruation is delayed a few days thereafter the expected menstruation begins thus woman believes that her period was simply delayed for a few days and could not feel the presence of pregnancy .
Therefore, the Hadith mentions that spontaneous abortion occurs before embryogenesis as was explained by the first Hadith narrated by Abdullah ibn Mas'ood and in some cases it occurs after the implantation as was mentioned in the second Hadith narrated by Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas.
Now we know that most cases of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage before formation) is common and this stage is known in embryology as (ORGANO GENESIS). It starts from the fourth week after conception and ends at the eighth week.
"When the sperm implants in the womb, an angel comes to it and holds it in his hand and says: O Lord! Formed or unformed? If he was told: Unformed, then it did not become a living soul and the wombs expel it out as blood.”
Anyhow our Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) has explained for us that in many cases, the miscarriage occurs before critical period of formation (ORGANO GENESIS), and this fact has not been discovered but recently. And it was also unknown that it happens so often that it includes nearly fifty percent of all pregnancies. It was discovered only in the early eighties of the twentieth century.
Is not what was mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) a complete miracle? A miracle which has not been understood before this era. How many secrets are in the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) which go without realizing their significance and their secrets until Allah reveals some of these secrets. Indeed this Prophetic Hadith is a miracle shining like the sun in the sky.” (4)
Dr. Mamun Shaqfa as is understood from his words that the Hadith applies to the discovery of medical science that the fate of the fetus is determined when the sperm fertilizes the egg and when the sperm produces mixed semen containing the chromosomal origin of the fetus. Many of these chromosomal elements do not carry the possibility of development. Eventually, the fate of this embryo is spontaneous abortion.
Here's the text of his writing:
He said: "Through the combination of both masculine and feminine gametes and their coalition in the mixed sperms the chromosomal nature of the new being is finally determined and according to this element the final determination is fixed whether this mixed sperm is going to create a new living soul or not. As many of the chromosomal elements do not carry the possibility of development if the chromosomes were damaged (5) or decayed, or were met with unsound components, then the pregnancy stops in some stages, and ends up by abortion at any stage of pregnancy’s stages.
In some cases, the miscarriage occurs during the early period of conception. Thus it fails totally from beginning to enter the stage of ‘clinging organism’ or it is damaged during the early days of conception which leads to erosion or decline of the conception. In result, the conception remains in the form of a bag of amniotic fluid, surrounded by chorionic villi that do not contain any fetus. This is called by doctors (BLIGHTED OVUM), or (UNEMBRYONIC PREGNANCY).
The uterus usually gets rid of this pregnancy by stopping to feed due to the absence of fetal rotation thereafter it is expelled surrounded by blood which accompanies the abortion. It occurs usually between the eighth and tenth week from the first day of the last menstruation. i.e. in the stage of the developed clot. In other words: If the sperm fails to enter the stage of ’Clinging Organism’ the fetal developments are declined and stopped and the uterus expels its content on its own.
Many of the miscarriages happen even before this date and many of them occur as early as women can not even realize that, it could not be felt but through the slight different in the date of menstruation.
This type of abortions, I mean fetal egg, and early abortions are the cases which were expressed in the Hadith of the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him). "(6) End of quote.
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(5) –The Arabic text contains a word which is pronounced as ‘Ma’ufah’ . It denotes a thing or being which was afflicted with deformity or defect. See ‘Lisan Al-Arab’ V.1.P. (171).
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