Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Baar inferred to this Statement in his book (The Creation of man...) (1), and Dr Hamed Mohamed Hamed in his book (Journey of Faith...) (2), and Mohamed Kamel Abdul Samad in his book (The Scientific Miracles in Islam...) (3); that it agrees with what science has proven that fetuses that are born deformed are stillborn, or live for a few days and then die.
Dr Mohammed Ali Al-Baar said: "and the fetuses that are born deformed are either stillborn or live for a few days and then die. If the affection was lighter, as is the case of Turner syndrome - where there is only one sex chromosome (dye or colored particle), the (X) chromosome - the one affected with this condition appears like a female, but does not get pregnant or give birth at all.
As well as in the case of Klinefelter syndrome, where the sex chromosome is in the form (XXY), ie: carries the two symbols for femininity and one single symbol for masculinity. So, the one affected with this condition will be a male in shape, but frigid, with spiritless determination and apparent hints of femininity, impotent and sterile "(4). End of quote.
Mohamed Kamel Abdul Samad said - after quoting the statement of Dr. Al-Baar: "Out of all that, we can see the scientific miracles as told by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, since an epoch of fourteen centuries ago, and established by science now." End of quote
As to Dr Hamed, there is in his speech more generalization, he said: "The adults who suffer from congenital deformities, whether they are males or females, they never beget when they internmarry, and examples of that ...", and mentioned the two previous examples.
The commentary:
Deformation: It is to turn the good image into an ugly one, and this definition is what is inferred by the texts of the Quran and the Sunnah, and which is found in some dictionaries. Ibn Faaris said: "Deformity indicates distortion and lack of taste of the thing, and Allah deformed him: distorted his creation from of a good image to an ugly one. A vapid man: Has no features to him, and a tasteless food: Has not salt in it and does not have a taste "(5). End of quote.
Ibn Al-Atheer said: "Deformation: to turn the look from one thing to another" (6), thus without restriction to ugliness or other. In both definitions, we find that the deformed is: the one who has a look and then got changed into another. Accordingly, the examples they mentioned are not included in the nomenclature of deformation, because they were not changed from one image to another, but was created so originally, and Allah knows best.
And then I came across Al-Azhari’s definition of deformity, where he said: "Deformity is the transformation a creation to another image; Allah deformed him into a monkey in a transformation, and he is a deformed and vapid, as well as physically distorted" (7). End of quote.
He considers the physically distorted to be deformed. According to his statement, we can accept what those that made inferences to examples of deformity mentioned, and Allah knows best.
As to the statement of Dr Hamed Ahmed Hamed: "The adults who suffer from birth defects..." I think it needs to be restricted, not every malformed is sterile.
(1) - The Creation of Man between Medicine and the Quran, p. (407 408).
(2) - A Journey of Faith in the Human Body (p. 23), he also reported the wording of Muslim. I only came across this book after writing the documentation, and it appears that he quotes from Dr. Al-Baar, where he fell in the same error when he attributed the Statement to Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her.
(3) - The Scientific Miracles in Islam – The Sunnah - (p. 177).
(4) - The Creation of Man between Medicine and the Quran, p. (408 409). For further information on the two cases mentioned by Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Baar, see p. (504, 505) of his book, The Creation of Man...
(5) – Mu’djam Maqaayees Al-Lughah (5/323), and similar in the dictionary, in Tarteeb Az-Zaawee (4/240), and Lissannul-‘Arab (6/4198).
(6) – An-Nihaayah (4/329), and similar in Al-Misbaah Al-Muneer, (p. 572).
(7) – Tahdheeb Al-Lughah (7/196-197).


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