Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Baar in his book (The Creation of Man...) inferred to Statement [A] (1) and [C] (2), and Dr. Abdullah Abdul Raheem Al-‘Abbadi in his book (Modern Science: A Case ...) inferred to Statement [B and C] (3), and Dr. Sa’eed Mahmoud Yan Al-Awadi in his paper (Natural Aspects of Withdrawal...) (4) inferred to Statement (D), all of them that it is consistent with the discoveries of modern science, concerning the possibility of pregnancy despite various contraceptives.
Dr. Al-Baar said, when reporting Statement [A], that it is: "a complete miracle, only perceived by those who studied the means of contraception and the rate of their success. Among the contraceptive means known old modalities, such as Withdrawal, and modern methods, such as pills and the coil which goes into the uterus. And mechanical barriers for women and men, ointments, vaginal pessaries (suppositories), and finally: the process of sterilization by cutting off the Fallopian tubes and tying them up, so as not to allow sperm reaching the egg." He went on detailing elsewhere.
Then he said: "But we refer here to the miracle of the Statement of the Chosen one – may the blessings of Allah be upon him -, that all contraceptive means cannot prevent the creation of the child if Allah Almighty Wills it", and quoted Statement (C), then said: "the book (Pregnancy Planning) says about Withdrawal, that it is a popular way since ancient times... The authors say: The rate of failure in this way reaches twenty-two percent.
We now know that every means of contraception has a failure rate. Despite these barriers, pregnancy may occur if Allah wills it. One patient even came to me and told me that she had undergone a sterilization operation by cutting off the Fallopian tubes and tying them up, in London. Then, only a few months later, she was pregnant, and that is established in medical books and journals. The rate of failure of this operation is (55 percent), if it is through the vagina, but decreases to only one percent, if it was conducted by opening the abdomen, by a skilled surgeon.
Many researchers have recorded failure rates of up to (3.7 percent) with skilled surgeons, and even a pregnancy following a hysterectomy has been recorded.
Accordingly, the prophetic Statement is a complete miracle in establishing this scientific fact "(5). End of quote.
As to Dr Sa’eed Mahmoud Yan, he had cited the story of a woman who underwent multiple sterilizations, and despite this, she carried a normal pregnancy. He said: «Among the signs of the wisdom of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, in this subject is: that Withdrawal is not useful in preventing pregnancy, but most importantly the very rare cases in which pregnancy continues despite sterilization operations by tubal ligation, dilation and curettage of the uterus, and a confirmation of what At-Tirmidhi narrated ...", and he mentioned the Statement, then said:
"We elucidate our expertise by presenting this intriguing problem:
J. C., a 28-year-old woman and a mother to three children. She underwent a surgical sterilization operation on the 15th August, 1978 on the twenty-first day of the menstrual cycle... A pregnancy test was performed on her behalf on 14th August, 1978, which was negative.
At the time of sterilization, she underwent an operation of dilation and curettage; to ensure the absence of the uterine contents. After examining her a week following the operation, her condition was normal. Analysis of the sample taken from the lining of the uterus, indicated that she was in the late secretory phase of menstruation, and there were fragments of the uterine tubes. After two months, she came back complaining of cessation of menstruation and was concerned. On examination, it emerged that she was pregnant, and the size of the uterus suggests she was nine weeks pregnant. That was confirmed by ultrasound examination. Although the process of curettage was expected not only to remove any possible pregnancy, but also the lining of the womb on which the fertilized egg can settle. In spite of all that, she carried a normal pregnancy, and on 21st April, 1979, she gave birth to a normal healthy girl weighing (3260 g). Four months after giving birth, we wanted to make sure of the result of the sterilization operation. So, a hysterosalpingogram was conducted on the uterus and the tubes. It emerged that both tubes were completely sealed." End of quote.
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