5 - The effect of man’s fluid and woman’s fluid on masculinity and femininity:
Dr. Abdullatif Yassin, in his book (A Boy or A Girl?) (1), and Dr. Mahmoud Nadhim Al-Nassimi, in his book (Prophetic Medicine and Modern Science) (2), and Mohamed As-Sayyid Arna’out, in his book (The Scientific Miracles in the Quran) (3) all inferred to Statement № 8, but the latter added Statement № 7.
They stated what is summed up as: That man’s semen has two types of sperm: the first type is male, bearing the symbol of masculinity (Y), and the second female, bearing the symbol of femininity (X), while the oocyte is always feminine (X). Whichever type of spermatozoon leads and prevails over the other, the child would be due to it. If the male sperm prevails and leads, the child would be a male, and if the female sperm prevails and leads, the child would be a female.
They then ascribed the lead and prevalence in the Statements, to this meaning.
Mohamed As-Sayyid Arna’out claimed: That this is a remarkable miracle for the Prophetic Statements.
The commentary:
What these inferrers did was a blatant abuse of the wording of the Prophetic Statement, and an obvious boldness; where they attributed both the maleness and the femaleness to man’s fluid alone, and ascribed the term fluid to the male sperm and the female sperm. 
Perhaps what compelled them to this ascription is that medical information says: That masculinity and femininity are caused by the sperm of the man, while the woman is the recipient to either gender. If her oocyte is fertilized by a male spermatozoon, the child would be male, and if it is fertilized by a female spermatozoon, the child would be a female.
They confirmed these medical notions with the saying of the Almighty: {Was he not a drop of sperm emitted (in lowly form)? * Then did he become a leech-like clot; then did (Allah) make and fashion (him) in due proportion. And of him He made two sexes, male and female}
 [Al Qiyamah: 37-39].
They thought that the sperm is but the man’s seed, although the Statement they inferred to states that the woman has a seed! And whoever became aware of the issue that the woman has a seed, his statement was reasonable. Among these is Dr. Mamoun Shaqfa, where he said- when talking about Statement 8 on masculinity and femininity-:
"It is well known that the man, carries two sex chromosomes in all his cells, namely (XY), and only one will be for his child, and that the woman carries two sex chromosomes in all her cells, namely (XX), and only one will be for her child ..., and so if the child is to be a male, he will carry the (Y) chromosome, which comes to him from his father, and because of which he becomes a male. The (X) chromosome, which comes to him from his mother, is unable to prevent (Y) chromosome from finally deciding the masculinity.
So here: man’s sperm prevailed and dominated through (Y) chromosome; the child was a male with Allah’s permission, and this is a thorough explanation for half of the issue.
In the case of the girl, the matter is in need of detailing:
The fact is that the feminization of the new being is not determined by the presence of (X) chromosome, for it is also found in the male as we have seen. It is found in Turner syndrome, which takes the form (XO), and this being is not considered a female in the true sense, due to the absence of ovaries. However, feminization must satisfy two conditions:
The first: the absence of (Y), chromosome and the second the presence of (X) chromosome coming from the female. Wherever the (Y) chromosome is found, the forthcoming being is a male. If this chromosome is absent, the (X) chromosome coming from the man, alone, cannot form a female, and the presence of two chromosomes, both (x), one from the man and the second from the woman, is a must for the new being to be female. Therefore, the female role here, in fact, is due to the (X) chromosome issued from the woman; and in this is an explanation of the other half of the matter, and Allah knows best.
"He then commented on the issue, saying:" Perhaps there is a secret in the issue, which the day will reveal "(4). Whereas Dr Mohammed Ali Al-Baar has paused in this issue, he said: "Up till now we do not know the extent of the effect of the woman’s fluid on the activity of the male or the female spermatozoa" (5).
Then he mentioned that this issue is in need of rigorous research to be conducted in order to elucidate it.
However, he mentioned the statement of those who said that what is meant was: the predominance and control of one of the two spermatozoa, either the male or the female over the other, but did not quote it!
I paused on the article entitled: (the woman also determines the sex of the fetus) by Dr. Mohyiddin Omar Labaniyyah, published in Al-Faisal magazine, in its one hundred and fifty-seventh issue, in which he said:
"The American medical team, consisting of Dr. H. Minkoff and co-workers, set to review the birth cases of 212 women from the area of Brooklyn in New York City, and draw conclusions from it, to determine the effect of some factors specific to women, in determining the sex of the fetus. The births of those women were 116 male and 96 female.
Those scientists have discovered: the existence of a relationship between the incidence of vaginatis, by non-specific micro-organisms (Vaginal Flora) in the vagina, and the sex of the baby. They noted that women who were exposed to severe vaginatis, gave birth to females, and interpreted this phenomenon as follows:
The pH of the vaginal fluids reaches its lowest level during the period of descent of the egg each month, from one of the ovaries of the woman, which is typically on the fourteenth day following the cessation of her menstrual cycle, whereas the pH in the cervical secretions, then, is at its highest. The pH of the vaginal fluids affects the movement and activity of the sperm of the man. If the pH was acidic (less than 7), the chance of arrival of sperm carrying the factor of masculinity to the uterus increases, while the growth and multiplication of micro-organisms causing infections in the vagina, leads the fluids therein to have a basic effect (pH more than 7), which increases the chance of arrival of the sperm carrying the factor of femininity to the uterus to fertilize an egg. The American medical team have also noticed the emergence of a large bacterial capacity in the vagina, and the incidence of non-specific vaginatis in 43 % of women who gave birth to males, while the percentage of infection of mothers who gave birth to females was about 60%. The effect of high pH (pH 5), resulting from the activity of pathological microorganisms, was so strong that the desired natural effect was reversed in favor of the low pH for male pregnancies. The scientists interpreted the occurrence of that as: the sperm carrying the sex chromosomes specific for the female character (X), fights off the most adverse effects of vaginatis and the increase in pH therein.
There is no doubt that there is still a need to study the effects of the type of microorganisms, present in large numbers in the vagina, on the movement and activity of the two types of man’s sperm; to further clarify the role of the factors specific to the woman in determining the sex of the fetus "(6). End of quote.
However, this information is for vaginal secretions, and the Statement attributes the maleness and femaleness to the yellow fluid of the woman. It has previously been elucidated in the description of the fluid of the woman, that the yellow fluid is the fluid harboring the oocyte. Therefore, the issue is in need for deep and rigorous studies, and knowledge is with Allah.
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