Statement: « The example of the believers in their mutual affection, their love and their compassion for each other, is that of a single body. If one organ is affected by pain, then the entire body calls out in fever and in sleeplessness » (*). This Statement, according to Nu'man ibn Bashir, is narrated by Bukhari (1) and Muslim (2).

It was also related according to Sahl ibn Sa’d, with a slight difference in its wording. The wording of Bukhari: «.... like the body; if one single organ is affected, (the whole body) broke down... ».

And with Muslim also: «.... If its head is affected, (the whole body) broke down....», with the mention of «the head».

The Statement does have another path, with the wording: «Muslims are as a single man; if his eye is affected, the whole of him is affected, and if his head is affected, the whole of him is affected » Narrated by Muslim.


This Statement was inferred to by Dr. Khalis Chalabi in his book (Medicine: A Platform for Faith) (3), that it conforms to what modern medicine revealed of cooperation between all parts of the body if anything happens to it. He said in a literary and scientific style: "The control over the movement of vessels is considered as a coordinated movement of extreme ingenuity. Any fluctuation in external or internal conditions requires immediate action, and an increase or a decrease in the capacity of the vessel, to suit the new situation.

For example, when bleeding occurs from anywhere in the body, commands are sent immediately to the vessels in order to contract, so that the flow of blood is as little as possible towards the exterior, in addition to sending cries of distress and red flags to the platelets, the generator of (fibrin), vitamin K, the kidneys, factor VII, factor V and others, so that the blood clot is formed, which is considered as a plug in the crater of the tear. Then, commands are sent to the calm friend that is considered as the graveyard of red blood cells, which is the spleen, and to the Customs general centre, which is the liver; where storage of blood is abundant in the cellars of these warehouses. It sends quantities of reserve blood immediately, while uttering: Here I am! Here I am!

Thus the whole body collaborates to save the circulatory system from the crisis which befell it, and the Prophet, peace be upon him, was right when he said: «The example of the believers ....»".



(*) Medicine: A Platform for Faith (1/152).

(1) The Sahih of Bukhari – The Book of General Behaviour - the chapter pertaining to mercy towards people and animals. (10/438 Statement 6011).

(2) The Sahih of Muslim - The Book of Virtue, Good Manners and Joining of the Ties of Relationship - the chapter pertaining to the compassion of the believers for each other, mutual affection and collaboration- (4/1999, 2000 Statement 2586).

(3) Medicine: A Platform for Faith (1/152).


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