Mohamed Sayyid Arna’out in his book (Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran) (4) made inference to the Statement of Aisha, Dr. Hamed Ahmed Hamed in his book (Journey of Faith...) (5) made inference to her Statement and the Statement of Bureida concerning the scientific miracle of the Sunnah; because the number of joints mentioned in the Statement is the same number revealed by modern medical science.

Arna’out dedicated a chapter to this effect. He said: "Anatomical miracle in the words of the Apostle, peace be upon him ...", and mentioned the Statement, then said:" After a period of fourteen centuries, modern science has proven from the anatomical dissection of organs, that the human body contains (360) joints, covering all the areas of the adult human body, as set forth in the noble Statement. "

While Dr. Hamed counted the bones in the human body and then added them up; they were as (mentioned) in the Statement. And so he did with the joints; and here you are what he mentioned:

He said: We can accommodate the bones of the body after completion of growth in (206) bone, which are as follows: cranial bones (28), cervical vertebrae (7), dorsal vertebrae (12), lumbar vertebrae (5), sacral vertebrae (5), coccyx (4 ), ribs (24), sternum (3), shoulder blades (2), clavicles (2), humerus (2), ulna and Radius (4), carpal bones (16), metacarpal bones (10), Phalanges (28), pelvis (6), femurs (2) tibia and fibula bones (4), tarsal (14), phalanges (28) with the addition of the bones at each big toe (2) and toe (3) we get a total of (10) metatarsals. If we add the number of bones of the body, together with the metatarsal bones and the initial ossification centres that make up the embryo, the total number of  bones that make us up: (206 + 10 + 144) = (360) bones.

As to the joints of the body, we locate them as follows:

The vertebral column (spine) (147): (25 cartilage discs between the vertebrae + 72 between the ribs and vertebrae + 50 between the vertebrae through the facet joints).

The Chest (24): (2 breastbones +18 between the breastbone and the ribs + 2 between the collarbone and shoulder blades + 2 between the shoulder blades and the chest).

The upper limb (43): (one shoulder joint +3 elbow + 4 wrist + 35 bones of the hand).

The lower limb (44): (one thigh joint +3 knee + 3 ankle +37 bones of the foot).

The basin (13): (2 hip bones + 4 vertebrae of the coccyx +6 acetabulum + the symphysis pubis).

The jaw: (2).

The overall total would be: (147 + 24 + 86 + 88 + 13 + 2 = 360 joint). (End of quote).

Then, he added in the inference to the Statement of Aisha another matter. He said: "We note that the word « khuliqa » according to the pattern "fu’ila", infers a clear indication about what we pointed out at, regarding the process of ossification of cartilaginous tissues within the bones of the foetus and its continuation until puberty, otherwise he would not have mentioned the number of initial bones of the body (360), which ends at (206) in the adult human being. He was right the truthful trusted one, who does not speak out of his own desire". (End of quote).


(*) Journey of Faith in the Human Body (p. 359) and attributed it to Muslim and did not adhere to the wording of the Statement.

(1) The Sahih of Muslim - Book of Almsgiving - the chapter concerning the statement that: the term charity covers every type of good (2/698, 699 Statement 1007).

(*) Journey of Faith in the Human Body (p. 359)

(2) Sunan Abu Dawood - Book of General Behaviour – the chapter pertaining to discarding harm from the road (5/406 Statement 5242), and in print (Abdullah bin Bureida said: I heard Abu Bureida) and the like with Ibn Khuzaymah. I did not find this term in his translation, so perhaps the correct is: (I heard Abu Bureida) – in lieu of - as is with Ahmad and Allah knows best.

(3) Al Musnad (5/ 354, 359).

(4) Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran (p. 91).

(5) Journey of Faith in the Human Body (p. 359).



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