Episode 14: Skin colour, one is not favoured by it 2/2


Inferred by Dr. Ibrahim Khalil in his book (And the skin spoke). He said: "Maybe you can perceive for yourself, the scientific dimension of the Statement, as we learned that all human beings are born with an equal number of melanocytes in their skin, and that this number is constant at all births, whether they were white or black "(1).


There is no doubt that the difference in colours and tongues is but a sign indicating Allah’s ability. The Book and the Sunnah do not consider colour and shape an advantage for anyone. If it has been proven in medicine that skin colour had no effect on the essence of the human being and his value, then this is what the Prophet came up with, in an era where his people consider the black complexion derogatory. Even ignorance, up till now, sees the white person as superior to the black one, although we are in the age of science, as they say!



(1) And the skin spoke (p. 127).




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