Some people count divorce one of the family problems and exert their utmost effort to stop it, however in some cases it is the perfect solution. The one who observes Islamic legislations concerning divorce finds out that Islam made divorce the suitable solution for fixing things between spouses. Very often spouses are liable to many problems and become unable to think properly in solving their problems or observe the positives of the other side, or consider the pros and cons. So, when the first divorce takes place, it becomes suitable for each one of them during the waiting period to rethink again away from negative effects. So, if they rethought and decided to go back in marriage, they could do so, but if the waiting period was over and they decided to go back in marriage, a husband should pay a new dowry and sign a new marriage contract to prove his truthfulness and sincere desire in reconciliation. However, if they started problems again, they shall have a second chance, but if they lose it, the ruling will be intensified for them and it becomes known that reconciliation is hard in their case and separation is better than gathering. So, she will not become lawful for him until she marries another man by her free will and desire and the new husband divorces her by his free will or dies because a person may not recognize the merit of his spouse but after marrying another; life will add to their experience in marital life.

We shall review in the following pages the Islamic legislations concerning divorce.

Dr. Ilham Al Jabry



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