Episode 4: Women in the view of the Arabs

    The treatment Arabs gave to women before Islam wasn't any better than the other nations. Arabs did have different customs and habits about women and their status. Still, these customs and habits were disgraceful. Naturally, it was through men that tribes carried a good name. They were courageous and kept enemies away during raids and wars, in addition to qualities of good manners and generosity. As for women, they couldn't do this (raise the tribes reputation) nor carry these burdens.

    Thus, families considered the birth of a female to be a humiliation and something to be ashamed of. Family members would feel too embarrassed to even walk in society. They would be faced by sorrow and anxiety all over the newborn and the disgrace that came with it (in their society). More so, if the girl was ever made into a slave at the hands of enemies. For this reason, Arabs before Islam gave women a low status. Women couldn't speak back to men or challenge them, for they were a prisoner of customs and perceptions, which Allah never revealed any authority for!

    These lowly perceptions resulted in harsh treatment against women. So, women faced oppressive rulings and legislations, which deprived them from most of their natural and human rights.

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