From these few eventsthough many more existit becomes clear to us the position of the Muslim woman in calling to Islam during his life (peace and blessings be upon him), and this includes:
a-That she carries a major responsibility and a trust in calling to Islam, which is an obligation upon her to fulfill. The most important role being that, she joins her husband in his call to Islam and supports him. She should strengthen him by giving him encouragement in his pursuit of knowledge and call to Islam. And, for an example, one may simply look at Khadeejah (may Allah be pleased with her). For it is a perfect example about the fact that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) entrusted women with this responsibility. It is therefore befitting that they fulfill this responsibility. Likewise, it is something women deserve to feel proud about.
b- That the woman also plays a role in calling to Islam, in another way. Her role isn't restricted to simply supporting her husband (despite this being an honorable task). Rather, her duty must be more broad and comprehensive than this. She must be keen to do in herself, primarily and foremost, by implanting what she learns. Then her role goes on to encompass her children and household, the place where she works and the society at large.
c- That she has a right and responsibility to participate in a positive way, in the issues which affect the society in general, and specifically those that are related to her. This was illustrated before, when the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) came to Umm Salamah (may Allah be pleased with her) for a solution to his frustrations over how the companions were acting.
d- That her honor is sacred. This was made clear in many events that took place in the life of the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him), such as the story mentioned about the tribe of the Banu Qaynuqaa'. So, let those who cry over her rights in the modern world see this practical example.
e- That Muslim women carry a responsibility about knowledge and teaching, as well as upbringing. This point is as clear as the sun, and doesn't need any more clarifications or illustrations.
The foregoing was a glimpse in the life of the Messenger of Allah, where we quickly learned the great importance he gave the woman. He did this both by his words and actions. This took place during his propagation of Islam and in his general life. He left a perfect example for the nation. This way the world can know that the Messenger of Allah took the woman out of the swamp, in which she remained stagnant during the pagan era; placing her into the spacious meadow of Islam. Thus, it was known by way of these passages, her importance as a human being and her natural and religious rights. She also reached a high status under the shade of the justice of Islam and its teachings. It's only natural that the big question be answered by every just man and woman. What more can we hope from the East and West for women after this?!
Written by
Falih bin Muhammad bin Falih al-Sugheyr
General Website Manager
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