Sa`d ibn Abu Waqqas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) forbade `Uthman ibn Mazh`un to abstain from marrying (and other pleasures) and if he had allowed him, we would have gotten ourselves castrated. [Reported by Al Bukhari and Muslim].
At-Tabary said (1): The Celibacy which `Uthman ibn Maz`un wanted was the prohibition of women, perfume, and all joys a person can enjoy, therefore the following Ayah was revealed: "O you who believe! Make not unlawful the Tayyibât (all that is good as regards foods, things, deeds, beliefs, persons) which Allâh has made lawful to you, and transgress not. Verily, Allâh does not like the transgressors." [Surat Al Ma'idah: 87].
The issue of celibacy, abstention for worship, and abstention from participation in the construction of earth and enjoying the good things that Allah (Glory be to Him) created is rejected by Islam. Moreover, Islam considers that escape from bearing the responsibility that Allah commanded man to bear without the rest of Allah's Creatures.
Although Islam prohibited abstention from marriage, we find many Muslims today adopt that thought and call people to it for different reasons either religious (as they claimed) or worldly.
The Pious Predecessors (may Allah bestow mercy on their souls) warned against that thought when `Umar ibn Al Khattab said to Abu Az-Zawa'id: The only thing prevents you from marriage is incapability or lewdness. [Reported by Ibn Abu Shaybah and others.
If abstention was for hard living conditions and poor sustenance, the Messenger (peace be upon him) said: "Three kinds of people are entitled to be helped by Allah; those are: The one who fights in the cause of Allah, the Mukatab (a slave with an agreement to buy his freedom) who wants to pay his debts, and the one who wants chastity." [Reported by At-Tirmidhy].
Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with him) said: (Obey Allah in all He commanded you and He shall fulfill what He promised you of self-sufficiency).
If the reason of abstention from marriage is escaping responsibility and the burdens of family building (custodianship, expenses, and rearing), this will be negligence to the commands of the Shari`ah, and disobedience to the Sunnah of all prophets and messengers whom Allah commanded us to follow, as it will be wasting of a great reward. By marriage, man gains a great reward; the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "You will be rewarded for whatever you spend for Allah's sake even if it were a morsel which you put in your wife's mouth." [Reported by Al Bukhari and Muslim].
Therefore, dear Muslim brother and sister, haste to marriage as long as you still have time as Allah (Exalted be He) commanded in order to have the reward He promised. Ibn Mas`ud said: If I have only ten days; I know I am going to die in the last day; and I am able to marry, I will marry for fear of sedition.

(1)         Jami` Al Bayan `An Ta'wil Ay Al Qur'an of Muhammad ibn Jarir At-Tabary.

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