By marriage, many relationships are established, which, in turn, has the greatest impact on interconnection, supporting one another, and benefit-sharing. The Prophet (peace be upon him) married `A’ishah and Hafsah, the daughters of his two companions Abu Bakr and `Umar Al Faruq (may Allah be pleased with them) to increase the bonds of friendship between them. He also married Fatimah, the daughter of Al Harith (may Allah be pleased her) after he had defeated her people and took them captives. As a result, Muslim set free the captives without ransom, saying: it is not proper to capture the family in-law of the Prophet (peace be upon him). He married Safiyah bint Huyay after he had gained victory over her Jewish people; as a result, the malice and plots of the Jews were reduced. And so he did with the rest of his marriages; every marriage had a purpose and wisdom.

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