Episode 98: Covenant Between The Muslims And Jews 9/11

1. It gave definite rights and duties to the participants in the document. The Muslims (the Ansaar and the Muhaajirun) and the Jews and their allies and helpers were all given these rights equally. Thus it was truly a

Charter of Rights and Duties of the people of Medinah and the surrounding areas.

2. It established the authority of the central government of Medinah over Medinah and the surrounding areas.

3. Muhammed was now recognised as the undisputed ruler and leader of the people, including the Jews.

He was established as the head of the legislative, executive and judicial powers and the final authority in all matters.

4. The Jews not only accepted Muhammed peace be and blessings upon him as sovereign but also recognised Medinah as a sanctuary (a

sacred city) like Makkah. They also accepted him as the final authority in all judicial matters and his decisions were to be accepted by all.

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