Heraclius: Did he ever break the word given by him?
Abu Sufyan: Not as yet, but we will see what he does in
the future.
Heraclius: Did you ever fight against him?
Abu Sufyan: Yes.
Heraclius: What was the result?
Abu Sufyan: The fortunes have varied, sometimes in our
favor, sometimes in his.
Heraclius: What is it that he teaches?
Abu Sufyan: He asks to worship One God, and not associate ought with Him. To offer prayers, be virtuous to speak the truth, and be kind to the kinsmen.
Heraclius then asked the interpreter to tell Abu Sufyan:
ʺI asked you about his lineage and you replied that it was the noblest among you. Prophets always come from the best lineage.
I asked you if any man in his family had made a similar claim and your reply was ʹNo.ʹ If anybody had made a claim to Prophethood in his family, I would have thought that he was imitating him.
Then I asked if there had been a king in his family, and you said ʹNo.ʹ Had it been so, I would have surmised that he was trying to recover his lost kingdom.
And I inquired if you knew him to be untruthful before making the claim, and you said ʹNo.ʹ I know that it is not possible for a man to be truthful to the people but to mince the truth in regard to God.
Then I asked you if his followers were drawn from the people of rank and distinction or they were the poor and the weak, and you replied that they were humble and meek. Prophets are always followed by the humble and poor in the beginning.

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