Heraclius decided to satisfy himself about the contents of the Prophetʹs peace be and blessings upon him letter. He ordered to search for a man
from Arabia who could tell him about the Prophet (peace be and blessings upon him).
Abu Sufyan happened to be there on a business trip and so he was summoned before him. The questions raised by Heraclius on this occasion showed that he had a deep insight into the scriptures and the teachings of the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him of yore and he knew how and when God sends them and the way they are usually treated by their people.
Abu Sufyan, too, acted like a true Arab for he considered it below his dignity to tell the Emperor anything but truth.
The conversation between Heraclius and Abu Sufyan is
significant enough to be quoted here at full length.
Heraclius: Tell me about his lineage.
Abu Sufyan: He comes of the best lineage.
Heraclius: Did anybody before him make the claim he
Abu Sufyan: No.
Heraclius: Had there been any king in his family?
Abu Sufyan: No.
Heraclius: Who have followed him? Are they the poor
and the weak or the nobles?
Abu Sufyan: They are all poor and weak.
Heraclius: Are his followers increasing or deserting him?
Abu Sufyan: Their numbers are growing.
Heraclius: Do those who enter his religion despise and
leave him?
Abu Sufyan: No.
Heraclius: Did you find him telling lies before he made
the claim?
Abu Sufyan: No.

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