We cannot appreciate the solemnity and significance of the memorable step taken by the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him unless we realize who Heraclius, Chosroes, Negus and Muqauqis were, the extent of their dominion, prestige, splendor and might in the world during the seventh century. Anyone who is not wellaware with the political history at the time might have taken them as local rulers for so many of them are found in every country. But one who is mindful of the political state of the world in the seventh century and the power and splendor of the ambitious monarchs who had divided the world among themselves, would but arrive at one conclusion. That only a man sent by God on a mission could dare summon the imperious autocrats to put their trust in his Prophethood. Such a man should be devoid of the least doubt in the success of his sacred task, or of a speck of fear in his heart. He had to possess such a glowing conviction in the glory and majesty of God that the proudest sovereign was to him not any more than an illusory puppet going through the motions of regality. For all these reasons, it would be worthwhile to give a brief sketch of the monarchs to whom the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him had sent his epistle.

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