All Muslims then swore faithfulness to Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him), in the Hall of Banu Sa’ida, as the successor of Allah’s Messenger. The reason for making haste was due to old rivalries flaring up suddenly through machinations of the devil and selfishness of the fainthearted hypocrites.
Those who were sincere and wellmeaning wanted to ensure that the Muslims remained united and strong under a leader, who could look after their affairs and give a burial to the Messenger of Allah peace be and blessings upon him as his successor and head of the Muslim community.
BURIAL OF THE PROPHET peace be and blessings upon him
Normalcy returned thereafter. The initial shock and grief gave way to tranquility and confidence and the Muslims again turned to the great task for which they had been trained and prepared by the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him of Allah. The Prophetʹs family members washed and covered him, and stationed the bier in his house. On this occasion, Abu Bakr informed the people that the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him told him that every Prophet was buried on the spot where he dies.
The Prophetʹs bedding was accordingly removed from the place and Abu Talha Ansari then dug a grave for him at the same spot. Then the people came to pay their last respects to the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him and to say the funeral prayer in batches one after another. Women came in after the men followed by the children, all of whom prayed over him. Nobody acted as Imam in the prayers over the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him.
(Ibn Hisham, Vol.II, p. 663)
The day this came to pass was Tuesday.
 (Tabaqat Ibn Saʹd; Ibn Kathir, Vol. IV, p. 517)
It was a sad day for Madinah. When Bilal gave the call for morning prayer he could not help recalling the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him in his mind and broke down in tears and sobs.
His crying tore the hearts of all others who had been part of the living. But, it was quite different now, as everything seemed to be wearisome, gloomy.
Umm Salama says, “What a tormenting affliction it was! When we recall the distress we were in, every other trouble appears to be lighter and easier to endure.’
(IbnKathir, Vol. IV, pp. IV, p. 517)
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him had once said to the believers, “O ye people! If any one of you comes to grief, he ought to console himself in his bereavement by recalling to his mind the anguish that will rend his heart on my death.
For no sorrow would be greater to my followers than the
agony caused to them by my death.”
(Ibn Kathir Vol. IV, p. 549)
Letters to Monarchs
When the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him expressed his desire to send letters to the kings of the Arabs and nonArabs, the companions advised him to affix his seal on the letter for the kings usually refuse to entertain the unsealed ones.
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him accordingly stamped his letters to them with a silver seal on which was engraved:
ʺMuhammed the Messenger of Allah.ʺ
(AlBukhaari, KitabulJihad and Shamail AtTirmidhi).

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